A look back at 2021 at edrone

It’s that time again, when no one can resist the temptation to summarize what the last year has looked like as we get ready to turn the calendar ahead. Here at edrone, 2021 was an amazing year full of lots of great things to share so, yes, we’re definitely going to add another retrospective summary […]

Are you leading or following e-commerce crowd?

It has become cliche to talk about the continued explosive expansion of eCommerce. We’ve become used to numbers that illustrate amazing year-on-year growth. There is literally no one left who doesn’t believe that the online space is the future of retail.


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Explainable AI explained

It is said that even Facebook creators do not know why the algorithm is making this and that decision. Well, it’s true. But, not because they lost control over it, and doomsday is nigh—they simply never had it… and that’s fine.


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