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edrone among the elite of G2’s 2022 rankings

Less than two months in, we can already consider 2022 a great success for edrone! Yesterday, the G2 Best Software 2022 report was released and edrone took SECOND place in the Best Commerce Products category, ranking higher than PayPal or Shopify and other familiar brands.

What our Voice Lab has to offer?

In the last part, we briefly described the AVA core idea. If you are still unfamiliar with it, consider starting with AVA: Our vision for the voice-based future of eCommerce, it will make this part easier to comprehend.

A look back at 2021 at edrone

It’s that time again, when no one can resist the temptation to summarize what the last year has looked like as we get ready to turn the calendar ahead. Here at edrone, 2021 was an amazing year full of lots of great things to share so, yes, we’re definitely going to add another retrospective summary […]

The Wizard of Oz experiment

Turing test is known chiefly thanks to sci-fi movies. However, it and other similar human-computer interactions tests are closer to your every day than you think. And the Turing test is not the only one!

We are supercomputers: Moravec’s Paradox

From the perspective of years, Artificial intelligence has had some ups and downs. These are called A.I. winters, and upon its basis stands nothing else as fragile human nature: overly inflated expectations and naiveness.

We are all cohorts

In the following article, we will focus on recommendation systems. Do they act as an intelligent salesperson, offering every client tailored offers, or rather… are they like a lazy salesperson, offering a couple of ready-made sets of products?

Why the Natural Language is so Important?

Although sometimes overrated to the detriment of non-verbal one, language is an essential part of communication. It’s pretty apparent for us, yet we don’t even consider it worthy of explaining.

Maintaining Our Infrastructure as Incident Commander

Maintaining the modern SaaS system based on cloud operational 24/7 is definitely not a trivial thing. Especially if your product grows 100% year to year. Through the last 6 years we were figuring out the process which allows us to keep an eye on our system health, without building a dedicated team.

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