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What is “Customer Experience”

These days, everything is about improving, changing, protecting, examining or reinventing the “customer experience”. No one was talking about this just a few years ago so where did it come from and what’s it all about?

Success Leaves Clues

Imagine if the title of this post was “The Secret to Success”! It would sound cliche, right? Every time we hear someone saying that they know “the secret” to this or that thing we tend to be skeptical. And there is nothing wrong about that — your skepticism.

Customer Intelligence — Best Practices

Everyone once heard that “knowledge is power”. That’s not true — as many other popular saying that we keep repeating without at least reflect on it. Knowledge is potential power. That’s it! Power derives from the application of what we know. Therefore, “Applied knowledge is power!”. Yes, it is.

Master your target audiences

Every advertising ecosystem is different, and each of them has distinct possibilities for reaching their audience. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Do you know what your champions think?

The RFM methodology allows us to easily understand customers based on their purchasing behavior, although its biggest advantage is in the easiness of creating communications and campaigns for selected segments. When analyzing customers with the use of this method we take into consideration three values: Recency meaning the time since the last purchase, Frequency which […]

Why should you start segmenting your customers now?

When we work with clients it is always useful to categorize them in some way, usually segmentation is related to a business objective or the client’s contribution to the brand. One of the most common ways to do this type of categorization is through a methodology called RFM.


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