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9 proven ways to build loyalty among customers in e-commerce

Aleksandra StankowskaSenior Content Designeredrone

The road from the first visit to your shop to total customer loyalty is long and sometimes difficult to travel. You can’t always manage to keep users and they often stop after just a single visit to your site.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can increase customer loyalty to your online shop through the right messaging and automation. Let’s see what they are!

How to gain brand loyalty

Provide an individual approach

Don’t forget that your loyalty to your customers will also pay off. Treat each of them individually! Collect data and personalise your message based on this idea. Offer high-quality products and maintain your relationship through regular communication. Create email or sms newsletters and inform your fans about new or upcoming offers and promotions. If you want to show that you really care about them, send them bargain discount codes earlier than others. A great opportunity to do this would be Black Friday or Christmas! Keep them up to date with what you’re doing!

Email Newsletter informing about current promotion at ASOS

Tell them about yourself

Don’t just be a brand, be a person too! Let your customers get to know you at your best. To do this, create or update an ‘About’ section and tell your story. Also, introduce the option to contact you directly by phone or chat – form options are often discouraging, right? It will also be great to introduce your team on social media. Show how you create new collections or what your planning and production process looks like. Show your daily efforts!

Learn how to build a great customer support.

Contact section at Bershka

Simplify your website

Improve the customer experience on your website. Make the best first impression! Your website messaging and design should be clear and intuitive so that it’s easy to understand. Similarly, terms and conditions and product descriptions – present everything in a simple way. Maybe you can show off your influencer partnerships? Great! Tell everyone about it or show it graphically! This will definitely boost your credibility.

Clear information about shipping, delivery and returns at Kolirio

Engage your subscriber database

If you already have a contact base, start by engaging these users. Send them newsletters informing them about your shop or reminding them of products they have purchased. This way is definitely more economical than acquiring new customers. They are likely to associate your brand, which works in your favor. It is an investment in building a lasting relationship and a regular source of income, rather than a one-off customer.

Re-engage email newsletter informing about discount code at Pottery Barn

Offer competitive prices

If your shop offers good prices, this will certainly encourage customers to buy. It’s even better if you offer them a discount on subsequent purchases. It’s as simple as that: if a customer is satisfied, they come back. Additionally, they will recommend your shop to others, thus helping you to build your customer base. Attractive prices are not enough. Take care of your logistics too. Make sure you are able to prepare and deliver your orders quickly and on time!

Create a referral program

A referral program will allow you to expand your reach, acquire new customers, but also engage current customers. How? Offer an interesting discount for recommending your shop to others. Customers love these gifts! This will help you increase your brand’s visibility on the market. If you want quick results, use the Refer-a-Friend Program from edrone.

Email instruction for Refer a friend program at Milled

How to reward loyal customers

Create loyalty program

Maintain your relationship with your customers and motivate them to continue with your loyalty program. Let them know the threshold they need to cross to receive a reward. It’s easier to encourage purchases with a great argument up your sleeve! Make the shopping experience worthwhile and keep both parties happy.

H&M loyalty program in mobile view

Offer the best possible recommendations

When communicating with customers, seize the opportunity to offer them products that suit them. Make recommendations based on their behavior in your shop, the actions they take or the categories they browse. Position yourself as an expert who knows your products best. Be an advisor who understands your clients’ needs like no one else and can respond perfectly to them!

Show that you know and understand the needs of your customers. You can do it, for example, by means of a recommendation scenario which we offer in edrone. Thanks to this, you will create a unique and personalized product offer for everyone. These actions will help you increase conversions by perfectly matching products to customers!

Personalised product recommendations at Zee&Co

Stay in touch after a purchase

Don’t forget about your customers after they have made a purchase! Show that you still care about them. Stay in touch with them, thank them for shopping with you. You can offer discount codes for future use. Send current offers and keep them updated. The After Sale scenario from edrone will allow you to design relevant content. Ask them to leave a review or rating, which will certainly encourage others to choose your shop.

Email received by customer after making a purchase at Bellroy

How to gain customer loyalty?

All of the above methods will definitely have a positive impact on building a relationship with your customers and building loyalty. If they feel that you are able to satisfy their needs, they will surely become your loyal fans and won’t consider buying from your competitors. If you also make them feel special, then that’s even better! Customers are different and have different needs. Personalized messages are better received than mass-mailed, uniform messages. It’s all about connection, emotion and quality long-term relationships. All this will help you to interest, attract and retain customers on your website. And all of this together will help you achieve the success you want and ride the wave!

Aleksandra Stankowska

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