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We received PLN 20 million in funding. How do we plan to invest it?


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Every dynamically developing startup has its dreams, plans, and goals for the next year, and it’s no different with us. We are improving our system because the results and opinions of our clients show that our efforts are well aimed. And the end of last year put some wind in our sails – namely PLN 20 million in funding.

How does it feel to enter the new year with so much money for further development? Of course, we are proud as well as grateful to our investors for their trust. But let’s get down to business and share a few words regarding our action plan for the next months. What will we invest in, and what will change? Let’s see!

More people on board!

edrone is created by people – we recruit experts in their field, make sure they have the space to act, and let them have a real impact on the creation of both the product and the environment in which they work. This translates directly into our results – we have been moving forward for years, continuously increasing the effectiveness of our operations, and it seems, as proven by the new round of financing, that we chose the right direction. edroners are known in Poland and abroad – especially in Brazil – as smiling, ambitious, and committed people, always ready to take on challenges. We believe the industry needs more people like that, so part of the acquired funds will be used to recruit and employ specialists for various teams throughout the company.

My motivation is to create an organizational culture at a level that will inspire the best SaaS companies in Europe and Latin America. We believe in management by context and values, which allows team members to take the initiative and respond more quickly to market needs – says Michał Blak, edrone CEO.

Plans include recruiting around 70 new employees, especially in the branch in Brazil, because this market is developing at the speed of light. The new hires will mainly join the sales, customer care, and product departments.

Since 2020, we have been systematically developing our R&D department, which aims to build a lasting technological advantage. Over the last year, we have introduced several new functions based on Generative AI into the system, which effectively support the work of our clients. This year, we intend to continue development in this field and add new functionalities – says Maciej Mendrela, CTO.

An even better system for our clients

It is quite common knowledge that edrone is a CRM and marketing automation system created especially for e-commerce. This commitment to online stores motivates us to develop the product following their feedback and industry trends, which we closely observe. As far as the system development goes, we plan to focus on building functions based on Generative AI, which will further improve and facilitate the performance of everyday duties by e-commerce specialists. Our R&D department is working intensively on innovative solutions that will make the functionalities of our system even more user-friendly. The stakes are high – we currently have nearly 2,000 online stores, and the number of entities with this business profile is constantly growing on the market, both in Poland and Brazil.

Focus on Brazil

The potential of the e-commerce market in Brazil is huge. We have been observing the extremely dynamic development of our branch in that part of the world for a long time – last year we celebrated a 100% increase in revenues, which is an awe-inspiring result. Currently, our Brazilian team employs 41 people in the marketing, sales, customer care, product, HR, and administration departments, who recently moved to a new, larger office. Naturally, it’s Brazil where we plan to recruit the highest number of new employees, which will also directly translate into an increase in the number of customers.

Dear investors – thank you for your trust!

December’s funding is not the first in the history of our company. This time, the lead investor in the third round of financing was INventures, leading the round with PLN 10 million of new capital. The remaining amount, resulting from the conversion of debt capital into shares, came from existing investors – Mueller Medien, Atmos, and PortfoLion. 

Thirteen business angels under the umbrella of Robert Ditrych, a serial investor, M&A advisor, and e-commerce entrepreneur, also invested in edrone. This group included, among others: Maciej Zawadziński, founder of PiwikPRO and managing partner at Next New Ventures, and also WEG partners.

Mueller Medien, Atmos and PortfoLion were joined by INventures, a VC fund from Poznań, whose philosophy is based on long-term support of the company at various stages of development. Katarzyna Dąbrowska, president of the management board of INventures, admits that one of our distinguishing features is our organizational culture.

The product, business metrics, and the idea for international development have gained our recognition. What distinguishes edrone and gives it the potential to develop is effective management. At edrone, the delegation of responsibility to key people in the company works perfectly. They recruit unique talents and use the necessary competencies – says Katarzyna Dąbrowska, President of the Management Board of INventures.

Taking into account the current market turmoil and layoffs among technology giants, the funds obtained are clear evidence of the strong position edrone has in the market.

Investors from previous financing rounds also joined the round, which further confirms their satisfaction with the results achieved.


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Do you want to increase sales and build even better relationships with your customers?

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