Augmented Stylist

Smart recommendations are an evergreen trend and a must-have for eCommerce operations looking for an edge over competitors. But is this essential in all industries where choices are made based on unmeasurable factors, like fashion?

On-site Marketing Webinar

Your marketing strategy might be focused on email, social media, blogs, influencers, etc.; however, your number one “window” to show the real identity of your eCommerce and so engage your visitors, turning them into loyal customers, is closer than you think: your website (your eCommerce’s home).

Word2vec: The Skip-Gram Model

People understand words with ease (usually). It’s a bit harder for computers, but we can represent words with numbers to make them comprehensive. Not just any numbers, but vectors. Surprisingly, it’s a common language for us, and that can lead to quite impressive things.

Word2vec Explained

Word2Vec is a Machine Learning method of building a language model based on Deep Learning ideas; however, a neural network that is used here is rather shallow (consists of only one hidden layer).

AVA in a Nutshell: Part III — R&D Scope

The virtual shopping assistant provided by AVA will conduct natural, unscripted conversations — using natural language, with all colloquialism and meaning understandable only by humans — with eCommerce customers.

AVA in a Nutshell: Part II – Voice as a tool

In the previous part, we’ve briefly described the idea behind edrone AVA: a virtual assistant speaking the same way as a biological one. To speak – so simple, right? Looking at Siri clumsiness, we might get quite another impression.

edrone AVA: 12.5 mln of investments in Voice Commerce

National Centre of Research and Development announced verdicts of the “quick path” competition. edrone as one of the winners will receive a grant for the R & D project worth 12 591 156.25 PLN aiming towards research NLU technology, with particular emphasis on eCommerce and Voice Commerce.

Jean Louis David – edrone Case Study

Exclusive and renowned Brand. More than 70 salons in Poland, hundreds of thousands of clients registered in CRM, six hundred hairdressers. Operational booking system ready for scheduling all clients, but there is a catch. All of the saloons are closed because of COVID. What we gonna do now?

eCommerce transfer-friendly: Let’s talk about WebP

For many, our recently introduced feature, which supports automatic conversion of images into WebP format, might not seem very exciting as it should from the beginning. An Image is just an image — it has to catch the eye, inform, and look stunning —, right?

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