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Jean Louis David – edrone Case Study

Marcin LewekMarketing Manageredrone

Exclusive and renowned Brand. More than 70 salons in Poland, hundreds of thousands of clients registered in CRM, six hundred hairdressers. Operational booking system ready for scheduling all clients, but there is a catch. All of the saloons are closed because of COVID. What we gonna do now?

Jean Louis David, the Brand we are talking about, is a worldwide franchise of hairdressing saloons, regarding the number of POS’s, number two in the world, and first in Europe. Sadly — along with other similar facilities — all salons were closed since the end of March, and none knew what will happen next. This is where the story of our cooperation begins!

According to the words of Tomasz Bączyk – General Manager at Jean Louis David Poland – We made some preparations for entering eCommerce, but the closer we got to it, the more problems and issues to consider we faced. It was more like cautious „probing the terrain” rather than digital transformation. Well, they say that crisis is the best fuel of innovation. So it was in the JDL case and hundreds of companies among various branches affected with pandemic and mandatory social isolation.

All hands on the board!

Strategy in such situations is more or less the same — to act! To be precise — act as agile as it’s reasonably achievable. Luckily — this was also quite evident to Managers of Jean Louis David. Therefore the scope of work became estimated almost instantly, well-fitted for the situation, and covers eShop operational and integrated with edrone within the week.


The shop has to sell. Period. To all of the people associated with software like edrone, providers of plugins, integrations, and tools for eCommerce: I know that „to sell” is not that simple! But in this particular situation, you have a company with total monthly revenue equals zero. Therefore you cannot start a neverending discussion about approach, philosophy of sales, augmentation, optimization. Right now, it’s unnecessary noise, because the show must go on!

The Pareto principle has many faces…

Usually, when we refer to the Pareto principle (also called „80/20 rule”) we are talking about sales or RFM Analysis stuff. The principle is much more versatile! It can be applied to plenty of things, phenomenons, that can be described by the power law distribution — e.g., the impact of every activity while developing e-shop on the final revenue.

In theory —  20% of all work related to the development of the platform provides about 80% of its final efficiency. The key is to correctly define that scope. After a few months of cooperation (so far), we are pretty sure that such a Pareto principle application is also right!

The Purpose & the Scope of our Cooperation

To help driving change, which will lead the JLD network to achieve a leadership position in the category of professional hairdressing cosmetics.

The cooperation was divided into two stages:

  1. The integration between their e-commerce platform and the edrone system, along with a comprehensive onboarding process — the key was to run the automation scenarios as soon as possible;
  2. The implementation of three central features — product recommendation, cross-selling, and on-site marketing tools, including artificial intelligence-based recommendations and cart recommendations.

We’ve decided to start with the following tactics:

  • Activation and monetization of existing customer base;
  • Quick integration and launching of the first automation scenarios within 24 hours after signing the contract;
  • Launch on-site solutions to identify new customers.


First of all, we needed to launch scenarios that would allow us to activate the existing customer base and monetize it afterward.
— Wioleta Jednaka Chief of Customer Care @ edrone

Jean Louis David’s online store operates on the PrestaShop eCommerce platform. Therefore, due to edrone’s native plugin, it was possible to quickly complete the integration process and immediately collect data from all users’ interactions within their website. A dedicated IP — with the proper configuration of SPF and DKIM security protocols — allowed their deliverability rate to reach 99.4% right from the start of our cooperation.

Instant Marketing Communication

Modernist and minimalistic design — this is the best way to describe Jean Louis David’s salons. Therefore, the design of their first e-mail message, communicating the opening of their online store, was inspired by their salons’ visual identity, to which their customers were well familiarized.

All sales communication strongly relates to Brand’s key visual. This way, we eliminate one of the many barriers that hinder the decision-making process in a new store. It gives customers a clear and legible message from the very beginning. „Hey! It’s us, everything you like us for hasn’t changed.” It didn’t take us long to see the effects…

Welcome POP-UP

When visiting a salon, the person is „greeted” by unique and gaze-enchanted pictures. Just like that, when visiting the online store, the visitor’s attention will be drawn to a well-designed POP-UP, thanks to which we identify potential buyers and build the contact database. We have prepared beautifully designed pop-ups that engage users to continue the dialogue by subscribing to the newsletter. Simultaneously, the system identifies users and allows them to continue the journey, but starting from now, no longer „anonymously.”

Purpose: Increase the number of Newsletter subscribers.


  • Open rate: 69%
  • CTR: 36%
  • Conversion rate: 8.5%

Support for the last stage of the sales funnel

When the customer leaves the store without making any purchase — or, at least, starting the process (i.e., adding products to the cart) —, a personalized limited-time offer is automatically sent to his/her inbox.

Purpose: Recover abandoned carts.


  • Open rate: 51%
  • CTR: 15%
  • Conversion rate: 5.3%

Hyper personality fit

A hyper-fit experience makes every hairstyle unique. A visit to the salon always starts with an honest chat with the hairstylist, called „moment of understanding”, by which the professional can tell what exactly the client desire. Similarly, we share the same approach when recommending products via e-mail! After being identified, the client explores eShop, giving more and more information about its preferences. Algorithms do the rest.

Purpose: Optimal remarketing.


  • Open rate: 42%
  • CTR: 9%
  • Conversion rate: 2.3%

Summary of the first week of our cooperation

Results: edrone Revenue share: 58%

During the first week, we primarily focused on the implementation of scenarios that generate the fastest returns on investment. Following that, we focused on the further use of product recommendations in more complex scenarios, such as cross-selling and dynamic recommendations (on-site marketing). The goal was to recreate the unique experience customers have when visiting our client’s physical stores.
— Patrycja Haber Customer Success Manager @ edrone

Customer feedback

I am glad that we were able to launch the internet sales channel so quickly! Within 5 days, we set up an online store from scratch and then launched marketing automation scenarios. edrone approached the subject competently and helped us reforge the solutions used by the most significant players on this market in our favor.
— Tomasz Baczyk General Manager @ Jean Louis David

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Marketing Manager


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