5 changes in SEO to watch in 2022

Wondering how to optimize your website so that Google will display it in its top search results? Everyone is. The trick to effective SEO optimization is to keep up with all the changes browsers and search engines introduce. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them but it’s a challenge that can be met. After all, […]

edrone among the elite of G2’s 2022 rankings

Less than two months in, we can already consider 2022 a great success for edrone! Yesterday, the G2 Best Software 2022 report was released and edrone took SECOND place in the Best Commerce Products category, ranking higher than PayPal or Shopify and other familiar brands.


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What our Voice Lab has to offer?

In the last part, we briefly described the AVA core idea. If you are still unfamiliar with it, consider starting with AVA: Our vision for the voice-based future of eCommerce, it will make this part easier to comprehend.

9 ways to boost customer retention in e-commerce

E-commerce is influenced by lots of trends. There’s always something new, something hot and something the experts say you must do to survive, which is often replaced with something else the following week.   With so much advice coming from every side, it can be hard to tell what you should listen to and what’s […]

8 e-commerce plugins you might need right now

Standing out from the crowd is a must for online stores. An online store without the little extras that make searching, browsing & checking out simple and easy is going to have a tough time keeping customers around. On top of this, there is always pressure to offer integrations with an ever-expanding number of third-party […]


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