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What is a product data-sheet and what should it look like?

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Today’s e-commerce market requires e-store business owners to demonstrate inventiveness and always be one step ahead of the competition. To succeed in this industry, it is obligatory to know how to effectively attract customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

A well-designed product data sheet template has a considerable impact on their buying decisions. This article will define the product data-sheet concept for you and tell you what content it should include to effectively boost your sales.

What is a product data-sheet and what should it contain?

A product data sheet is a page that provides customers with product information presented in the most accessible and appealing way possible. A product sheet introduces customers to the goods you sell. When suitably designed, it influences the decision to finalize a transaction.

Depending on the category of products sold, customers will consider slightly different information as important. For example:

  • in the case of electronics, these will be technical parameters;
  • in the case of clothing – the available colors and sizes;
  • in the case of furniture – the materials used and the products’ durability;
  • in the cosmetics industry – the composition of the product and its effects.

Several key elements of any product data sheet template are essential in every industry. Let us start with the theory, and later we will move on to specific examples and suggestions provided by various brands.

Product name

Customers locate your shop via many different sources of traffic, including paid sources (i.e. advertising). They are then sent directly to a product page. Is there anything that can tell the customer more about the product at first glance than the product name? A product name is undoubtedly one of the most important components of any product datasheet – unfortunately, it is often neglected. So, what should we look out for? A product name should be sufficiently visible and convey essential information. Customers must know where they have found themselves and what exactly they are being offered.

  • When it comes to clothing and footwear, these could be product category, manufacturer, and model. You should also provide details about available sizes.
Product name, model, available sizes, photo, and price – Vans
  • In the case of electronic equipment: product category, manufacturer, model, technical parameters, and color.
Product name including model, memory specifications, delivery details, price, and color – Argos
  • For personal care products: product category, manufacturer, intended use, fragrance, the key ingredient, and volume.
Product name, manufacturer, intended use, ingredient, volume – Boots
  • In the case of jewelry: product category, shape, brand, collection, raw material, color, and other key information.
Purple sloth earrings, Claire’s, sterling silver with description and discount information – Claire’s


Customers first look at the page they arrived at and read about the most important features and specifications of the product on offer. If they find the product interesting, what information will they be looking for next? You are correct – it will be the price of the product. The price has a considerable impact on the customer’s purchasing decision. Competitive prices are also a crucial factor in determining customer loyalty. Discover 9 effective ways to loyalize your customers.

Make sure that the price of your product is properly displayed and up to date. Use bold or different color fonts. Don’t let customers see a higher price in the shopping cart than the one displayed earlier – this could damage their opinion of your brand.

If you are currently offering promotions on selected products, remember to include this on the product data-sheet. To do this, cross out its fixed price and put the lower, current price next to it.

Regular price, promotional price, and percentage saving – Argos

Research conducted by the University of Florida has shown that the form in which a price is quoted – whether it is rounded or non-rounded – also plays a part in our purchasing decisions. Precise prices register better with potential customers, as they give the impression that everything is calculated accurately, in accordance with the genuine value of the product. This method is commonplace among businesses selling electronics, computers, tools, etc.

Precise product prices – HP

Product photo

Another element that every example of any product data sheet should have are product photographs. The absence of photos is likely to have a detrimental effect on the product’s chances of selling. That is why you should place several good-quality product images next to the product name and price. Show the product from every possible angle, and create a carousel of photos, 3D images, or even a video presentation. According to eBay.com Research Labs, images help to generate interest, encourage trust from buyers and increase conversion rates. Studies have shown that the more high-quality images customers see, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

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Potential buyers are much more likely to be convinced by graphics that can be zoomed in or rotated. They also respond well to photos of clothing worn by models and the opportunity to see every minute detail of a product, such as a type of finishing stitch on shoes, the width of the lapels on a jacket, the clasp on a watch, the reflections on an iPhone case, or the shape of a mascara brush. Remember to present your product as accurately as possible. Emphasize its greatest advantages, for example thick bike tires, thin phone screen, 4 cameras, thermal lining, a waterproofing layer, a unique lamp shape, lipstick gloss, etc.

Photo of the dress showing its arrangement on the model’s figure – Jingus.com
A collage of product shots showing the shape of the mascara brush and the effect of its use on a model – L’Oreal Paris
3D photo showing the components and materials used to make the boots – The North Face 
Picture showing sofa after unfolding – Camerich
Photo of sneakers with the option to zoom in on the details – Nike 
Collage of photos of a suitcase taken from each side and its interior – Lasocki 
Photo showing detailed elements of Apple Watch – Apple
Presentation of Apple Watch emphasizing its water-resistance feature – Apple

Product description

A well-thought-out product description can increase the conversion rate of an online store by as much as 78%. Customers receive a full set of information on a product they are interested in and based on this data they make a decision on whether they want to buy. A product description is an essential component of your product data sheet template – it should be coherent, clear, and polished. As many as 20% of potential customers abandon their purchase due to an incomplete or unclear product description.

What type of information should be included in the product description?

  • Key features
  • Main advantages
  • Major benefits of the purchase

Here are some examples:

  1. Wireless earphones are this season’s trendiest accessory due to their original shape. They are incredibly light (weighing just 47.5 g) and come in a range of colors. The earphones are easy and convenient to operate during any sports activity.
  2. This four-seater contemporary sofa on metal legs will be the perfect complement to your living room. Soft and pleasant to the touch, this stylish sofa is also durable and, above all, stain-resistant. Perfect for shared moments of relaxation or taking a break with your favorite book.
  3. This check-print wool jacket is the minimalist choice for the season. The eco-friendly lining ensures the high breathability of the fabric, while the classic collar adds a touch of elegance. It’s the perfect choice for the spring/summer season as it will look great with any elegant male look and also provide comfort during important events.
  4. Rejuvenating white tea facial serum is designed for everyday skincare of tired and grey complexions. The light, gel-like formula means that the serum is quickly absorbed to alleviate any imperfections. Its regular use will give your skin a boost of energy and hydration to restore your confidence and radiance.
Description of the sofa, highlighting its main advantages and benefits of the purchase – Wayfair
Creative video description – Amazon
Facial Foaming Cleanser Description including benefits of use
Graphic description of footwear – The North Face

Call-to-action button

The call-to-action button is an integral part of any product data-sheet. By now, customers are familiar with your product. Thanks to the description of its parameters, information about the available color options, the price, the available sizes, and the benefits of the product’s purchase, they are able to make a final decision. Make it simpler for them and add a button to the product data sheet that encourages them to take a specific action. Make sure that the text is accessible, concise, and tells the customers exactly what will happen after they click it, for example:

  • Buy now
  • I’m buying
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Place order
  • I want to make an order
  • Customize and buy
  • Order
  • I’m ordering now

It’s important that your button is properly displayed against the rest of the content of your product data-sheet. According to SAP, the orange color of the CTA button increased the conversion rate by as much as 32.5%. HubSpot, in turn, analyzed red buttons that increased in-store conversion rates by 21%. The positioning of the CTA button is also of great importance – ideally, the button should be located at the top on the right-hand side, alongside key information, which includes the price, description, and photos.


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Useful tip: Create a button that:

  • contrasts sharply with the rest of the page – add a background, bold font, underscore, different colors of text
  • is positioned at an appropriate distance from other elements – there should be sufficient spacing in the text
  • is placed above the fold, i.e. on the page that is visible without scrolling
  • is visible, sufficiently large, and therefore noticeable in the first seconds after accessing the product data-sheet.
CTA button “Add to bag” – Adidas 
CTA buttons: add to cart and personalize – Nike
Three CTA buttons on one product card: add to cart, add to wishlist and buy it now.

Additional information that should be included on the product data-sheet

If a customer has added the first product to their cart, they may want to continue shopping. Prepare a section of recommended items that may be of interest to the customer or complementary accessories to go with the previously selected merchandise. Create personalized recommendations based on the information gained from the customer’s previous purchases made in your store.

Find out how to take advantage of recommendation systems.

Recommended products below the product page – Nike 
Section of additional recommended products – Sephora
Suggested products sets – Media Markt
Offer to buy similar products – Argos

User reviews

As many as 89% of consumers search for product reviews before making a purchase decision. 62% of users say they would not buy from an online store that conceals its reviews and ratings.

Boost your sales effectiveness and place customer reviews and ratings in a visible part of your product data-sheet. Use a graphical representation of the average rating in the top right-hand section of the page, for example, next to the product name. The so-called social proof will help you gain the trust of your customers. If you think this won’t harm your brand, you can also leave some negative reviews for the customers to read. Such a move will allow you to remain genuine.

Graphic representation of the average rating shown just under the product name – Media Expert 
User reviews and ratings – Argos

Information on delivery and return policy

This is also essential information that should be included on the product data-sheet. Specify the conditions under which you will exchange goods and accept returns. Estimate delivery times and list prices for the various delivery options. Leave your customers with no doubt that their parcels will be delivered on time and that they will be able to exchange or return unsuitable goods at any time.

Information about free shipping – Beringtime
Section informing about the availability of particular sizes – Zalando
Information about shipping, delivery time, shipping costs, and the period for product return – Zalando

Product data sheet examples

There is no one-size-fits-all template for a product data-sheet. Depending on the industry, type of products, and many other factors, product data sheets may look different and feature diverse elements in order to sell products effectively. Product data sheet templates come in all shapes and sizes, so we’ll show you some of them in full.

Product data sheet with a collage of photos, information on size, and benefits – The North Face 
Product data sheet with available color options, sizes, and description – Vans
Product data sheet with a carousel of photos, graphical representation of the average rating, color options, and information on shipping, returns, and warranty – Leodiscoffee 

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