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How do you explain Christmas Eve table what you do at work?

Julia Łączyńska

Christmas Eve. That beautiful day when we all sit down at the Christmas table, drink warm tea, eat all this delicious food, argue a bit about politics and the new Netflix series, and, of course, start to ask what’s going on with who.

There will come a time when you have to describe one of those strange professions that sounds completely alien to people outside the industry. We have decided to save you. In this text you will find some tips on how to explain what you do for a living.


“What, a copywriter? And what do you copy?”. Let Christmas Eve 2022 finally bring an end to the ordeal of repeating “Noo, I write marketing content”. Just look meaningfully at the family members, hold a bottle of wine from the table, find that flowery description of a bouquet of aromas, sun-ripened grapes and a velvety finish, then say it must have been written by a copywriter. Then open any newspaper to the advertising page and say that’s it too. Go to a cinema’s movie previews page and say that’s also the work of a copywriter. And this applies to most of the content we see on banners, ads, labels, websites and posters for brands, companies and organisations. You can be sure that from now on, every relative will see the effects of copywriting show-offs at every turn.

Content Designer

A content designer has the quality of either knowing everything, being able to know everything, or at least making it look like they know everything. He is the voice of the company and it largely depends on him whether a brand is an expert in its field or not. He needs to write substantive content, like articles, reports or ebooks on a given topic, without making repetitions, without writing too long or too short, using the right words, sounding confident and professional, yet understandable.

A content writer sitting for 15 minutes with his eyes blankly fixed on the wall is probably experiencing his most productive moments of the day. Uninterrupted thinking. A blessing of inspiration.

Ask if anyone at the table has made a change in their life recently or bought something interesting. Maybe an uncle went on a ketogenic diet, an aunt set up photovoltaic panels, a dad bought an acupressure mat and a brother hired a software house to make an app for his company. If they read a text somewhere that convinced them to do this, it’s likely some Content Designer had their fingers in it.

Social Media Specialist

Let’s face it, social media people don’t have it easy. They have to maintain the brand’s personality, they have to be funny without being embarrassing, professional without being stiff, able to advertise without being self-deprecating. And then there are the comments. Everyone dreams of smiling emojis and words of support: “I love your shop!”. Ahh, dreams. No matter how much engagement is generated by your content and how warmly your brilliant RTM is received (and that’s really something), you will remember the one and only hater who will say that he doesn’t give a damn about your products, that your competitors are better and that the fools who buy from you should pay extra for stupidity. Social Media Specialist is a diplomat with nerves of steel, who gives the brand a human face.

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer is actually quite close to a magician – he has to show what his client will think. And the even more experienced ones are able to capture what the client thinks they are thinking, even if they are really thinking something completely different. Confusing? Then think of what the poor Graphic Designers must feel when every day they have to create posters, banners, presentations, flyers, labels and all other visual elements that have to be pretty, legible, fit the brand style and the audience’s tastes, and on top of that the logo has to be big.

UX Designer

Who is the UX Designer? It is probably easier to understand when it’s missing. For example, when you want to tear a paper towel from that paper towel dispenser in the bathroom and all you have left in your hands is a small piece from the very bottom. Or when you go to a website and you don’t even know where to start because there’s a lot of unreadable text everywhere. Or when you have a smartphone that keeps slipping out of your hand. Or when you never know which way to insert the plug into the socket. If there is something missing in these cases, it is certainly the UX Designer responsible for the quality of the user experience when interacting with an object or service.

Support Specialist

Knows what others do not know and dare not even ask. Support people know the answers to all problems and rescue those who are lost in the maze of functionalities of a service or system. If one were to compare a Support Specialist in an organization with a small community, they would be like a handyman neighbour, to whom everyone reports in the most hopeless cases, when nothing else works. The difference is that instead of turning on the tap, he will help with sending a newsletter.

PR Specialist

This is a tricky one, because almost every PR specialist, when asked what they do for a company, will just throw in “everything”. And this is actually not far from the truth. A PR Specialist is a super agent who should spot opportunities where others don’t, know everything that’s going on in the world and in the industry, and how to take advantage of it. Their mission is to make sure that the company is talked about well. Doesn’t sound complicated, does it? Unfortunately, it requires extraordinary versatility. Sometimes you have to organise an event, plan a social campaign, find brand ambassadors, cooperation with the media, take care of communications inside and outside the company. Sometimes you work for the sports industry, at other times for the pharmaceutical, construction or banking sectors. And you need to know each one inside out!

Account Executive

Imagine that you have two people who have decided to work together, but they do not know each other, do not trust each other, and are not yet fully convinced of each other’s competences and capabilities. One is constantly threatening to give up, the other keeps saying that something simply cannot be done, and as a result they both look at each other with suspicion. And this is exactly the situation in which an Account Executive often finds themself, being at the interface between a company, for example a marketing agency, and its client, and taking care of everyone’s satisfaction at the same time.

HR Specialist

It’s a bit like when a daughter brings home a new boyfriend and the parents put him in the fire of questions: What do you do in life? What would you like to do? What is important to you? What is your worst quality? What are your interests? Why do you think you are the best candidate for our daughter?

The HR Specialist is just such a parent combined with a treasure hunter. Only instead of asking questions to their child’s potential partner and digging for gold, they vet job candidates, looking for the best ones who will fit perfectly with the company’s expectations.

AI Specialist

This is where you can just smile, suggest that everyone sit down with tea and gingerbreads on the couch and watch “Space Odyssey” together.

Data Analyst

This is the person who understands all those numbers, symbols and tables that nobody in the company understands. On top of that, they can draw some conclusions from them. And even tell what the company should do now. No one really knows what their job entails, but when the Data Analysts speak, everyone listens attentively. How do they know that if customer X bought shampoo a month ago, then in a month’s time we need to send him an offer of hair conditioners and a discount so that he does not stop buying from us?


Simply put – the boss of all bosses.

We talk about work in different ways – sometimes lovingly, sometimes with irritation, but we talk. A lot. Especially when it is our inspiration and an opportunity for development. That is why this year we wish you never have to tell anyone twice what leads, eCommerce and PR are, what a copywriter, graphic designer and HR specialist does.

Julia Łączyńska

Experienced in PR and copywriting. In edrone, as a Content Designer, she is responsible for putting into words what is worth talking about. Psychologist by education. Culturoholic by passion.

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