Teach a machine to be a marketer

Is it possible to create customized recommendations for e-store customers without personal contact? Yes, it is, thanks to artificial intelligence. Find out what machine learning is and how you can use it in your e-business. See that the latest technologies are at your fingertips. When shopping online, customers consult other users and compare the offers […]

Transactional marketing that brings real money to your business

Effectiveness hundreds of times higher than newsletter? Welcome to the world of the big data. This article shows what can be achieved by using a marketing automation system. React to customers’ behaviors in real time – such as viewed products or abandoned carts – and engage your clients. How to conduct effective marketing based on […]

Why have we established a new product category – eCRM?

We’ve taken the risk and decided to create a new product category, but at the same time we’ve opened ourselves to an incredible opportunity of entering the market with the first ever boxed SaaS solution for e-commerce. We’ve been tempted by the latter. “If you cannot be first in your category, setup a new category” […]

Push Notifications – How to survive in the tough times of AdBlock

Do you want to finally reach customers who ignore newsletters? Are you tired of AdBlock and spam filters? We know how to solve this! Learn more about push notifications, that enable you to reach up to 76% of the users visiting your online store. Make your customers receive personalized messages tailored to their needs, and […]


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Product recommendations – deal with it!

Marketing Netflix would not be ashamed of! Learn what the phrase segment of one means and how you can use that knowledge in order to assist communication with your customers. Send newsletters precisely customised to their needs. The article discusses how to make recommendations to customers of an e-shop on the basis of purchases made […]

A/B tests. How to make it reasonable?

Which version of the newsletter will “sell” more? An A/B test will help make the right decision. By designing the test, one should take into account the sample size, expected conversion, statistical significance level and measurement time. Learn more about what else is worth paying attention to when planning and administering tests.   What are […]

Technomarketing. Be like Amazon and Zalando!

Your online store is a technology company and not a trading company! Buzz words such as customer intelligence, deep learning, big data, and machine learning are more or less the synonyms of artificial intelligence. All of them concern issues related to the processing of vast amounts of information that are available at our fingertips. Until […]

Stand out from the crowd

#CustomerSuccess is a series of interviews with the owners or managers of the largest and fastest growing eStores. The interviews are devoid of marketing noise so that the readers can learn first-hand how people working in eCommerce built their position and achieved success. In the interviews they reveal i.a. what they put emphasis on in […]

edrone 2.0 launch

A short story on how we managed to develop the first CRM for eCommerce that rocks! edrone is collecting and analyzing online store visitors and customers data. The plugin allows processing personal data in real time, in order to communicate with them through dynamic and personalized emails. So wake up an inactive loyalty program, VIP’s […]


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