On-Site Marketing for eCommerce

Your eCommerce website is not only a catalog or an online product shelf. It’s a place where you can listen and talk to your visitors and communicate with them using a library of tools powered by modern technology.

From a lead to a loyal customer. A tale in three acts.

For lack a better word, the term „lead” is usually translated into Polish as a potential customer. Well, it’s not exactly the right term, because there are usually more potential customers than leads. What is a lead then, and what to do to make them become a customer?

Send SMS to customer!

As we all know, smartphones rule the mobile market today, and adjusting to it is nowadays in fact the necessity of virtually any company. There is no mercy!

Automate, customize, and sell more

Thanks to marketing automation we can save time, we can personalize the content sent to the customers, and we have the ability to perform activities such as product recommendations, which would not be possible without the help of technology. As a result, we can increase store sales and earn more money. Why should you automate […]

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