eCommerce in the Beauty & Personal Care Sector

The Beauty & Personal Care Sector is one of the largest industries in the market today. This should come as no surprise since we are used to cosmetics being available anywhere and anytime. We have everything we need at our fingertips: from skin care products, cosmetics, perfumes to hair products.

Success Leaves Clues

Imagine if the title of this post was “The Secret to Success”! It would sound cliche, right? Every time we hear someone saying that they know “the secret” to this or that thing we tend to be skeptical. And there is nothing wrong about that — your skepticism.

RFM Analysis for eCommerce

Each customer is, at the same time, different and unique. Why, then, treat them “like everyone else”, sending generic and mass messages? Let’s approach them in a more personalized way! Let’s analyze their consumption behaviors, know their needs and create the ideal message.

Customer Intelligence — Best Practices

Everyone once heard that “knowledge is power”. That’s not true — as many other popular saying that we keep repeating without at least reflect on it. Knowledge is potential power. That’s it! Power derives from the application of what we know. Therefore, “Applied knowledge is power!”. Yes, it is.

edrone at GDPR conference

Well prepared for Black Friday, together with the office of Pilch Piotrowski & Partnerzy, on Thursday, November 23, we visited the conference entitled „GDPR in marketing” in order to prepare the e-commerce industry for developing regulations. Att. Marcin Pilch performed as one of the speakers and shared his knowledge on how edrone adapts the marketing […]

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