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5 ways to get customers to visit your Online Store again

Aleksandra StankowskaSenior Content Designeredrone

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The hypercompetitive world of eCommerce offers customers more choices than they could ever take advantage of. There are basically infinite options for everything.

This means, on top of all the other challenges you face, getting customers to come back to your store is really hard. You have to be better than anything else they can find online and stay top-of-mind. Not an easy task, is it?

That’s why we’ve put together these tips for making sure customers will come back to you and not go somewhere else. Use this advice to create better, closer relationships with customers and give them reason to think of you when it’s time to shop online.

Take care of your first purchase

It all starts with the first purchase! Users enter and leave your store. Only 3% of customers complete a transaction on their first visit to a site (1). The rest get distracted or close the tab without much thought. So how do you ensure that more first-time visitors buy something? Surprise them right from the start! If you have a free shipping option – make sure you effectively inform them about it. Discount for the first purchase? Even better if the condition is signing up for your newsletter. Order without creating an account? How about a limited offer with a countdown timer?

You will go through this stage by trial and error. Learn what works, what doesn’t and adapt your message to fit  your audience.

On their first visit, your visitors will leave something about themselves with you. It would be great if they signed up for your newsletter. This would give you some key information and allow you to segment. But what if they skipped the newsletter? Here’s where a few more things come to the rescue: the data you provided during account creation, key phrases in the search bars, or categories viewed? Everything is valuable! Use it to surprise them on their second visit!

Personalize your content

When a customer returns, even after just one visit, you have data that can be leveraged into a personalized experience when they enter your online store. Every click, every page view, every action — they all provide data points that paint a picture of who the customer is, what they’re interested in and more.  Use the data you’ve already received from them and segment your audience groups, for example by: age, gender, interests, location or any other. Then personalize your content to address your customers directly during each visit. After all, you need to be aware of who you’re actually communicating with.

By addressing each group individually, you will increase the likelihood of repeat visits to your site.

It’s important to remember that customers don’t always know exactly what they want and can’t possibly know about everything in your store. That’s where recommendations come in. Recommendations make customers aware of other options, both as substitutes for what they were looking for and additional products they didn’t plan on buying. Personalized recommendations are part of the foundation of good modern ecommerce communications.  With edrone, you can effectively manage content to target specific segments of your audience.

Bet on omnichannel

Provide customers with a consistent shopping experience. Our goal is to transfer the Omnichannel philosophy to your marketing activities. That is why in edrone, apart from classic email marketing automation, you will find such communication channels as Intelligent Recommendations on the website, called Marketing Machine, Pop-ups, Push Notifications, SMS and Chat. In one place you will get access to all communication with your client.

Having a presence in several places and platforms is key to connecting with customers in the spaces where they are active.

With more opportunities to engage with you, customers will be more likely to keep your brand top-of-mind. In the fragmented online world, you need to be present in as many places as possible, ready to answer questions, make offers and generally be available. But how can you deal with such dispersed communication? How do you gather all the data generated on so many channels? Bet on omnichannel – multi-channel communication! You will usually encounter it in the form of a CRM tool and you will integrate it fully with the platforms on which you operate. Sounds great!

How about Refer-a-friend

Is personalized content enough to keep customers with you? Sometimes it probably is, but there are things you can do to help. Turn your customers into your brand ambassadors and reward them for spreading the word about your store. One way to do this is referral programs. These allow you to keep your current customers by offering them rewards in exchange for recommending your brand to friends, family and more.

So… you keep your current customers and gain new ones! Sounds perfect.

At edrone we have created Refer-a-friend – a referral program that can really increase your reach. It all works on the principle of referral links that you send out to your friends or family. I think you’ll agree with me that these types of referrals are some of the most reliable. After all, you are getting them from people you trust!

Use Loyalty Programs

All of the above ways to retain customers are pretty good! However, there is one… by which you can convince your visitors even more! These are Loyalty Programs, which have attracted a lot of interest recently. They are an effective way to tie users to your brand for longer. You can offer them a loyalty card that gives enticing discounts, or credits that they will receive from you (in proportion to the value of purchases).

These are the elements which significantly influence engagement in building your brand. Thanks to them you are able to keep loyal customers with you for longer. They will certainly keep coming back to you to redeem their credits for rewards. Loyalty Programs are always very popular among customers, so you can take advantage of them too!

Let them have something to come back for!

(1) http://smartinsights.com/

Aleksandra Stankowska

Senior Content Designer


She cares about good quality content. Believes that success in e-commerce depends on the right approach. She claims it is good to know something about everything, but specializes in modern marketing. LinkedIn

Do you want to increase sales and build even better relationships with your customers?

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