Customer Experience

eCommerce in the Beauty & Personal Care Sector

The Beauty & Personal Care Sector is one of the largest industries in the market today. This should come as no surprise since we are used to cosmetics being available anywhere and anytime. We have everything we need at our fingertips: from skin care products, cosmetics, perfumes to hair products.

What is “Customer Experience”

These days, everything is about improving, changing, protecting, examining or reinventing the “customer experience”. No one was talking about this just a few years ago so where did it come from and what’s it all about?

What is Zero-Party Data (and why you need it)

Data privacy regulations and tighter restrictions by web browsers are making it harder to track online activity – which can be good or bad depending on which side of the online ads industry you’re in. But there is a way to get insights about users without tracking them: Zero-Party Data.

On-site Marketing Webinar

Your marketing strategy might be focused on email, social media, blogs, influencers, etc.; however, your number one “window” to show the real identity of your eCommerce and so engage your visitors, turning them into loyal customers, is closer than you think: your website (your eCommerce’s home).

On-Site Marketing for eCommerce

Your eCommerce website is not only a catalog or an online product shelf. It’s a place where you can listen and talk to your visitors and communicate with them using a library of tools powered by modern technology.

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