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On-site Marketing Webinar

Your marketing strategy might be focused on email, social media, blogs, influencers, etc.; however, your number one “window” to show the real identity of your eCommerce and so engage your visitors, turning them into loyal customers, is closer than you think: your website (your eCommerce’s home).

On-Site Marketing for e-commerce

Your e-commerce website is not only a catalog or an online product shelf. It’s a place where you can listen and talk to your visitors and communicate with them using a library of tools powered by modern technology.

Customer Intelligence for eCommerce

With regarding information, “Intelligence” is the process of decision-making based on data analysis. In other words, collect data, process these data, connect the dots (make sense of these data), and take the most appropriate decision. This is information-based intelligence. We all need that.

The Psychology Behind Hitting the Buy Button

It is undeniable that what we’re going through — the global COVID pandemic, followed by lockdowns, losses, and economic disorder — is unprecedented. Therefore, we all know that chaos is the byproduct of confusion during times of great challenges and that that has a direct impact on buying behaviors.

Tailoring on-site for business needs

We have briefly described the true meaning of on-site marketing recently. That was the theory, but still, it’s good to turn it into practice, isn’t it? To the point! In the following article, we’ll lean over use-cases and decide which on-site option will be the best for them. Let’s do it!

Where does on-site marketing start?

I would like to confess something. The following text was meant to be a click-bait-guide with protips for banners usage. However, while researching for it, I quickly faced the question: what on-site marketing really is? We all know it… do we?

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