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Non-intrusive marketing as a competitive value

Aleksandra StankowskaSenior Content Designeredrone

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One of the most annoying parts of the Internet from a customer’s perspective are pop-ups and notifications. About 73% of users say that pop-ups are the worst form of advertising. I don’t think any of us like intrusive ads and messages that interrupt our browsing online.

Imagine that you go to your favorite website to read an article, which a few days earlier you saved in the “to read” tab. You are impatiently waiting to sit down, take your smartphone in your hand and immerse yourself in the reading, until suddenly… a window that covers everything, with completely uninteresting content!  You may try to solve the problem and go to the site again, this time using your laptop or tablet, but the frustration and irritation reaches its peak! 91% of users say that ads are even more intrusive than a few years ago.

Users can, of course, block pop-up notifications from within their browser, but who thinks about that when they just want to read an article quickly! This type of communication is not very desirable for users. Intrusive marketing can discourage them from a particular brand and leave only distaste. In a moment, we’ll look at solutions that can help you attract, rather than repel, your audience. From a marketer’s perspective, think about if the content in pop-ups, emails sent, or on your website was engaging, relevant, and eye-catching?

No longer annoying, but catchy and relevant to your audience’s interests?

Marketing’s negative image

Marketing itself, unfortunately, has long been negatively associated with numerous intrusive phone calls from mobile network consultants, a huge number of emails that often end up in spam, or the previously-mentioned annoying pop-up windows. Maybe this belief should finally be addressed.

Since you probably work in the eCommerce industry, you probably know that content is one of the most important elements of your marketing strategy. Not only because you’re providing users with interesting content and thus likely increasing conversions, but also because through its inappropriate form you can create a negative image of your brand, fail to attract new customers or even lose your existing customers!

If you want to avoid mistakes and at the same time make the non-intrusive form of your marketing activities pay off in the future, get to know the solutions that can help you do that. Perhaps this will give you the crucial edge over your competitors!

You will attract customers and stand out in a very customer-friendly way!

You can make your visitors really like your content – including all the messages through which you communicate with them. Difficult to imagine? Looking from the customer’s perspective, it’s hard to be convinced that this type of content can be fun. But you can change that! You are, after all, the shark of the eCommerce business. You’re the one pulling the strings! From this article, you’ll learn how to make it all happen.

Zero-party data

The essence lies in zero-party cookies. This is data that users provide voluntarily. The growing fear concerning online privacy has resulted in the systematic blocking of third-party cookies by browsers such as Google. These cookies are not only used on the visited website, but also on partner websites. The change to block third-party cookies is due to the desire to provide Internet users with the greatest possible protection of their online privacy.

We have created several such functionalities in edrone because we care about protecting users and their data on the Internet. At the same time, we make sure that the system we create meets their requirements. In practical terms, zero-party data is obtained independently from your visitors. There are several ways to do this.

Create Customer Profile

Imagine that you have data about every customer organized in one place. You want to create a mailing or design a newsletter and you do it based on the data collected there. Not only is it simple and intuitive, but it also appeals to your visitors. The first step you should definitely take when wanting to tailor content to your audience is to create a customer profile. You can collect all the information about each customer, analyze it and use it to personalize the content you will send to them in the future.

After all, we know that personalization is key! To make it easier for you, we have added this type of functionality to the edrone system. Customer Profiles in edrone are pages where all the most important information about the customer is collected. All their interactions with the store are monitored, thanks to which you can learn practically everything you will need to adjust the content. Information organized in one place will allow you not to worry that it will be too complicated and time consuming for you.


However, to appeal to the likes and interests of your customers you should segment them. Group similar users by a few selected categories. This will allow you to create even more relevant content and campaigns, which will certainly pay off in the future! You can segment your audience by demographics, actions taken, purchase behavior and more. Each customer is unique and each has different characteristics, but the needs of some of them may be very similar. It is based on these that you are able to create individual segments. Why waste time on mass messaging that is unlikely to attract customers to you?

One way of advanced eCommerce customer segmentation is RFM. It will help you isolate several types of customers: your loyal customers, those who need more attention, and those you’re about to lose. You should approach each of these groups a little differently and engage them in different ways. The biggest competitive advantage an online store can have is this knowledge.

Personalized newsletters

If you have already collected relevant data about your customers, it’s time to use this knowledge and create relevant content. A newsletter is a great way to communicate with your audience. Make sure it’s not just text or completely unadapted to your customers’ interests, and it contains images. Adapting the message to the audience is a must in today’s world, due to the huge competition on the eCommerce market. You can be sure that a poorly prepared newsletter has no chance in comparison with a personalized newsletter of the competition.

If you personalize the content of your message, your customers will appreciate that it is addressed to them, especially if you address them by name. Also, tailor the language and message to the target group, because an individual approach is key to building a trusting relationship with your customers.

Source: Affde.com

At edrone, we’ve created a Drag ‘n’ Drop Editor that allows you to personalise and create effective emails for your customers! With this functionality you can create a catchy headline for your newsletter, customize the content, add images, a Call-To-Action button, links to your social media and much more. Who knows your audience better than you?

You have the key knowledge about them, so take advantage of it when creating personalized messages.

For properly created marketing communication, the activities undertaken by visitors on your website are also crucial. By monitoring the history of actions taken by them on your website, you will be able to learn in-depth about their buying behavior and interests. Consequently, you will be a specialist in their needs! Of course, the more customer interactions with your store, the more data you are able to acquire. And the more data you have… the easier it is to personalize content! Simple, right? It can be even simpler.

Have you ever heard of Machine Learning from edrone? Machine Learning, part of Marketing Machine, is an on-site recommendation system based on artificial intelligence. With this functionality, you will be able to monitor your visitors and easily record and analyze the actions they take. You’ll be able to compare their visitors with other, similar customers, which will allow you to tailor accurate product recommendations! Your store will change with every new visitor. During subsequent visits your offer will be better and better adapted to your users.

As you can see, you don’t have to flood your audience with a wave of unnecessary and misguided content. With these few simple ways, you can tailor your content to cancel the negative perception of marketing as pushy selling. Instead of sending out mass messages, generic notifications, and unmatched graphics to everyone, you can approach each recipient individually. This will make them feel special and make them more likely to engage.

You have nothing to lose, changing your approach to your customers can only help you attract a new audience, and it certainly won’t hurt. After all, we all like to be noticed and treated as individuals.

Aleksandra Stankowska

Senior Content Designer


She cares about good quality content. Believes that success in e-commerce depends on the right approach. She claims it is good to know something about everything, but specializes in modern marketing. LinkedIn

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