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7 best e-commerce strategies to fully leverage Black Friday

Aleksandra StankowskaSenior Content Designeredrone

Black Friday is fast approaching! On November 26, shopaholics will be able to hunt for the price reductions and discounts lurking in every corner!

Just like every year, they will go on a shopping spree and take advantage of the many offers designed especially for them. Not everyone will go shopping on that day. Some of them will brew their favorite tea in the autumn evening, sit comfortably in an armchair and start browsing through the avalanche of promotions. So how can you make Internet users go to your store?

This day is a great opportunity for e-commerce to increase sales and gain new customers. How? Check out these 7 best e-commerce strategies to fully leverage Black Friday.

Do a storage review

The first step is to identify your resources. Go through your warehouses. Make sure what you have to offer customers and don’t let yourself run out of stock! Black Friday deserves a particularly large amount of available products. More customers in online stores, tempting discounts and deals you can’t pass up – take note of all this. A delay in delivery or a complete absence of the purchased item could cause a negative perception of your brand. Analyze what customers have bought in previous years and make sure you live up to their expectations this year as well!

Start your campaign earlier

Let users notice you earlier than others. Start your promotional campaign ahead of time. Make yourself memorable even before Black Friday arrives. Show up on Social Media – young people will have a chance to find you. Create previews of the offers you have prepared for the big day and remind people about them. Provide clear information about your promotions or additional items you want to add.

Tell them what they want to know. Don’t leave questions unanswered.

Don’t let them have doubts about you. Get into their minds. By doing so, you will increase the likelihood that they will choose you.

Use the power of Email Marketing

If you already have a customer base, bet on Email Marketing Automation. It’s not just an Email Marketing tool. With edrone you can personalize messages and deliver them to the right group of your recipients. The system will automatically group users into segments, depending on particular criteria (transaction value, purchase frequency, subscription status). You will be able to create a Newsletter informing your customers about upcoming news or discounts. After all, they are waiting for Black Friday, hunting for new offers and willing to use discount coupons. In edrone you also have the possibility to track what part of orders use your coupons.

Be original – get a head start

Black Friday is, of course, the holiday of great discounts. Prices go down, customers buy discounted products… but is it all about discounts? No! Discounts alone are not enough. Everything is almost identical at individual retailers.

In all of this, you definitely need to bet on originality.

Think about how to make your customers differentiate your brand from the rest. Everyone gives 30/50/70 percent of discounts. You give something that makes you stand out: a catchy slogan that customers will remember and make you recognizable, a new product launch, or limited offers. A temporary reduction in sales increases sales because it makes customers decide faster.

Give your promotion a special meaning. How about donating a few percent of your profits to charity? Things like this can help you convince your users. Analyze your activities from the previous year. You can also look at your competitors’ actions. Not to know how to do something, but to rule out those ways and not duplicate them.

Customers like it when something is happening! Think it through!

Identify your target group

If you have a customer base, but haven’t done a detailed segmentation yet – do it now! However, your regular customers are not everything. Black Friday is the day of the best deal seekers. Think about which target group you should reach in order to invite them. Who is searching and when and where are for what they searching. That’s what you should think about first and foremost.

Let me give you a hint – it’s young people who are waiting for your offers.

These are the shoppers you should be targeting! You can’t create a catchy slogan, rise above the competition, know what news users are waiting for or what discounts they need if you don’t know who they are. Analyze this thoroughly! Create your content especially for them. Think about what will be original for this target group and what will convince them. This is a very important part of your strategy.

Sell more with Cross-Selling

To increase sales in your online store bet on Cross-Selling Campaigns. With edrone you can cross-sell different product categories. Thus, for example, when selling a coat, you will be able to offer your customers additional products: elegant pumps, scarf or matching hat. Will they benefit?

It’s more likely on Black Friday!

Reduce shipping costs

Another way you can increase your sales is by offering free shipping! How many times have you gotten to the shopping cart and not finished your order because of shipping costs? It has happened to me many times!

Be sure to let your customers know about shipping costs from the very beginning.

If you can’t afford completely free shipping – reduce the price as much as possible. Be sure to mention it! Of course, free delivery will be one of your biggest advantages. Don’t forget to talk about it before Black Friday – mention it in your Social Media posts and wherever your campaign will run.

Aleksandra Stankowska

Senior Content Designer


She cares about good quality content. Believes that success in e-commerce depends on the right approach. She claims it is good to know something about everything, but specializes in modern marketing. LinkedIn

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