Marketing automation

Transactional marketing that brings real money to your business

Effectiveness hundreds of times higher than newsletter? Welcome to the world of the big data. This article shows what can be achieved by using a marketing automation system. React to customers’ behaviors in real time – such as viewed products or abandoned carts – and engage your clients. How to conduct effective marketing based on […]

Why have we established a new product category – eCRM?

We’ve taken the risk and decided to create a new product category, but at the same time we’ve opened ourselves to an incredible opportunity of entering the market with the first ever boxed SaaS solution for e-commerce. We’ve been tempted by the latter. “If you cannot be first in your category, setup a new category” […]

Product recommendations – deal with it!

Marketing Netflix would not be ashamed of! Learn what the phrase segment of one means and how you can use that knowledge in order to assist communication with your customers. Send newsletters precisely customised to their needs. The article discusses how to make recommendations to customers of an e-shop on the basis of purchases made […]


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