first eCRM for eCommerce

Learn & Engage: Customer intelligence and marketing automation.

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First eCRM
for eCommerce



Customer intelligence

Learn more about the customers. edrone eCRM will help you get to know your store visitors and customers to increase sales.

edrone will identify store visitors when:

  • - they log into your store
  • - they open your newsletter emails
  • - they access your store on multiple devices
  • - they have previously visited your store
  • - they are viewing products without being logged in
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Top viewed products

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Apple iPhone 7

product - edrone crm

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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Huawei P9 Plus


Marketing automation

edrone’s marketing automation features can be deployed immediately after a quick activation that takes only a few minutes to complete.

  • edrone is designed to automate your marketing activities in the simplest method possible. After selecting your specific objective, such as adding new subscribers to your newsletter database or increasing the loyalty of your existing customers, edrone will take care of the rest by engaging your store visitors in the best way possible to achieve your objectives and, most importantly, increase sales.

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Ready-to-go scenarios

edrone’s built-in flexibility allows you to create any automation path to meet your store’s specific needs, but to make things easier we included a menu of some of the most common scenarios designed to improve your conversion rate and increase your store’s sales.

  • - Abandoned shopping cart recovery
  • - Viewed products reminders
  • - Customers also bought... you might be interested in...
  • - Loyalty program
  • - Upsell and cross-sell product recommendations
  • - Category and best-selling product recommendations
  • - Newsletter content personalization
  • - Recommendations based on the category
  • - Tagging and bestsellers
  • - A/B testing
  • - Customer product wishlists


Instant Store Integration

Integrating edrone with your store is extremely easy, quick, and most importantly, does not require any special assistance. All you have to do is download a plug-in and edrone will be up and running in your store in less than five minutes. Yes, it is that easy, but should you have any questions we are here to help you to get you up and running quickly.

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Kamil Karasiński - edrone crm for citysport
edrone crm for citysport

Kamil Karasiński


Why did we choose edrone? We needed a CRM system that would start collecting and analyzing customer data instantly without any hassle. Being a fast-growing company in an extremely competitive market we needed easy-to-use tools that would enable us to quickly learn about our customers and reach our customers even faster with personalized messaging designed to drive sales.

Łukasz Piech - marketing automation for fast white cat
marketing automation for fast white cat

Lucas Piech

Head of eCommerce Fast White Cat S.A.

The first store that we integrated with edrone was Quiosque and the conversion rate quickly exceed our expectations. That is why all of our stores received the green light and top priority for for immediate edrone deployment. These include, among others, Bialcon, Ania Kruk


Paweł Szymoniak - customer intelligence for muve
customer intelligence for muve

Paul Szymoniak

E-Commerce Marketing Manager

I have tested many CRM and marketing automation tools. edrone stands out among them thanks to a friendly, intuitive interface and ease of use. Given the app’s simplicity, it allows the marketer to focus on increasing conversion by fine-tuning messaging and design, and leaving it to edrone to engage customers in the most effective way possible based on their preferences and behaviour.


edrone team, you did a great job with Double-digit conversion rate. We're giving a green light and priority for the implementation of @edrone marketing automation for the stores in @FastWhiteCat #CRM #AI #eCommerce #edrone #fastwhitecat

At City Sport we are collecting data from the moment the codes are introduced, without the tedious setting up of scorings and funnels for the segmentation of bases. Newsletters with personalized copy and photos of products plus dynamic marketing automation messages are going out like hot cakes right now.

I’ve tested many marketing automation tools. ready-to-go @edrone_me wins Props for assisted sales results in reports

Surprise your customer with an offer and a content tailored to their expectations and purchase history. Your customers will appreciate it. Transactional marketing kills bulk. #MarketingAutomation #eCommerce #CRM

Really liking this eCommerce CRM app: @edrone_me - easy to use and delivers great ROI #CRM #eCommerce #marketingautomation

Send shopping cart recommendations instead of sending spam which kills your data base. @edrone_me #CRM for #eCommerce. #MarketingAutomation

Collision shortlist

Official selection of 66 best startups 2017

Featured on CeBIT

Partner at the largest ICT fair Europe 2017

Ekomers Award

Best products supported sales 2016

Best in Cloud

Computerwolrd award 2017 best eCRM solution



  • Unlimited subscribers and database
  • up to 1.000 emails per month
  • up to 10 orders per month




  • Unlimited subscribers and database
  • up to 20.000 emails per month
  • up to 200 orders per month




  • Unlimited subscribers and database
  • up to 100.000 emails per month
  • up to 500 orders per month
  • Onsite Pop-ups




  • Unlimited subscribers and database
  • up to 500.000 emails per month
  • up to 2.000 orders per month
  • Onsite Pop-ups
  • Push Notifications




  • Unlimited subscribers and database
  • up to 2.000.000 emails per month
  • up to 5.000 orders per month
  • Onsite Pop-ups
  • Push Notifications
  • Dedicated IP address
  • SPF and DKIM



Contact us
PL: +48 510 043 827
BR: +55 11 2844-4529
ES: +34 693 538 304
US: +1-518-240-9626


edrone ltd.

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HQ in Poland

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