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New functionalities, more tools and enhanced features – time for an edrone update!


There’s a lot to talk about this time so let’s dive right into it. Here’s a list of everything that’s new, improved, optimized, easier-to-use, more powerful and generally better than before.

It’s that time again! Every so often we like to list the many and various improvements and changes that we’ve implemented at endrone. It’s not only a great way for you to see what’s new and think about how you can use these fresh functionalities in your next campaign, but it’s a great chance for us to show what we’ve been hard at work on and, yes, to brag a little bit.

Marketing Automation

There’s a lot to talk about this time so let’s dive right into it. Here’s a list of everything that’s new, improved, optimized, easier-to-use, more powerful and generally better than before.

Birthday scenarios

What a great place to start! Who doesn’t love birthdays? Nobody, that’s who, and that’s why campaigns based on birthdays can be so effective. Did you know that open rates, order values and click-to-open ratios are way higher in campaigns based on a birthday offer? And we mean three or four times higher than normal. If you’re not running Birthday scenarios yet, you’re missing out!

Gender segmentation

Everyone knows that effective segmentation is the foundation of personalized brand messaging. Engaging content has to be based on some informed idea of who you’re talking to. Segmentation by gender is among the most basic groupings when preparing and sending different messaging to different audiences. Now edrone makes it easier than ever to both tailor your offer and make sure the right message gets shared with the right segment of your customer base.

Custom audiences

Speaking of segmentation, sometimes you need to get creative and make segments that don’t fit simple, traditional categories like age, gender, location, etc. Or maybe you need to group together people with unique combinations of these attributes. Or maybe you just need to create segments based on completely different data that you collect from your customers, users or subscribers. Who knows—maybe one day you’ll want to send a message just to women living in a certain city who speak a certain language and have spent more than five hundred dollars in your store in the last six weeks. Why not? With our new expanded custom audiences module, you can mix, match and create any combos you want to get just the perfect targeted segment for your message.

Refer-a-friend program

We’re excited to seriously boost your ability to increase your reach through edrone’s refer-a-friend program. We all know that word-of-mouth recommendations are among the best you can get. Now imagine how you can grow your customer base when you make it both easy and rewarding for your existing customers to spread the word about you. With edrone, it’s easy. Now you can supply customers with referral links they can share with friends. When the links are used, the referring customer gets a discount coupon that you create to redeem under terms you decide. Not only do you have a happy existing customer, but you get a new one and another chance to spread the referral program even further. It’s easy to set up, the referrals are easy to share and you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the details of the promotions and rewards involved. You can use it to work with influencers and anyone in a position to get the word out about you, your brand and your product line. Our refer-a-friend program can turbocharge your sales faster than just about anything else in your marketing toolbox!

New Drag ‘n’ drop editor

Designing and creating even more impressive email campaigns just got a lot easier. Customize everything down to the last detail to get just the look you want and put everything in place with simple movements based on a familiar drag ‘n’ drop editing mechanism. Now you can make outstanding email templates just like the pros!

Template library

Speaking of templates, sometimes you don’t have the time or need to create your own. Our template library is here to provide a shortcut to getting started on designing your next email campaign. Pick a pre-set design that’s appropriate for what you want to do. We have different categories for various occasions, like holidays, cart recovery, event and referrals. They’re all fully customizable, so you can change fonts, colors, button size and locations and more while adding any images or videos that will make your message pop! You even have extensive editing options for any images you use, including filters, frames and the addition of text.

Increased responsiveness

Your messages and mails are seen on a huge variety of different screens—desktop, mobile, tablet and whatever new device that was invented last week that everyone already has. This means that your message has to be able to automatically adapt to many different screen sizes in order to display properly. With edrone, you can always be sure that customers and subscribers will always see your message exactly as you intended. Use previews and even send test messages prior to your campaign just to be sure.

Media library

Now you can keep all of  your brand assets, graphics and images in one convenient place instead of uploading them over and over. Save time and effort by easily accessing the visual elements you need when creating your messaging.

Rich media

Today’s consumers are used to a higher production level in everything. Meet their expectations and spice up your emails with rich media, including videos and gifs. In edrone you can simply upload or paste them to your template and you’re done!

Free stock photos

Speaking of visuals, edrone makes it easy to add just the right image through access to millions of high-quality, royalty-free stock photos without leaving the editor. Achieving just the right look and feel for your message has never been easier!

Countdown clock

What better way to create a sense of urgency and promote conversions than a countdown clock? Timed promotions get results and now you can place a live countdown clock right in your offer. The countdown to more effective sales offers has begun!

Enhanced dynamic content

Delivering unique customer experiences at scale is at the heart of marketing automation. Now edrone offers even better options for sending dynamic content that adapts to the purchase, viewing and click histories of each individual customer. Make sure that everyone in your databases gets a tailor-made message with just the kinds of items that are most likely to engage them. Use best-sellers, recently-viewed items from your site and other products that have been added to a cart to create a hyper-personalized message.

Multi-language campaigns

Sending the same campaign across borders is a snap with edrone’s new multi-language options. When entering new markets or simply expanding options for existing ones, use these new language capabilities to better connect with customers and deliver the experience they expect.

We’re still just getting started with our update of new edrone features but allow us to interrupt ourselves with a reminder that we publish tons of new content on our blog all the time. Just go here and discover just how much incredible content we share! Ok, back to the updates!

Marketing Machine 2.0

Machine learning application that shows dynamic content based on interests

Recommendation filters

Every page and subpage of eCommerce has a different purpose – an action you want the user to perform. Now, with Marketing Machine 2.0, you can choose between different types of recommendations and frames can be adjusted to that purpose! Each recommendation strategy can be merged with another to focus your offer.

Complementary products

Boost your cross-selling efforts with smart suggestions and preconfigured matching sets of products with our new complementary products function. It’s a great way to remind customers of the little extra things they may have forgotten about and increase your average cart value.


What better social proof could there be than bestseller status? Now it’s easy to make sure that everyone knows what others rate as the best product in the category.

New products

Another expected feature of any online store, now your customers can go straight to what’s new and hot. Let Marketing Machine deliver the content and experience most likely to engage, get clicks and conversions.

Abandoned products

Every click, every page view and especially every product left behind in a cart is a clue that reveals customer preferences and interests. Use edrone’s ability to start conversations based on products left behind to re-engage customers and reignite their desire to complete the transaction.

Recently viewed products

Even if a product doesn’t make it all the way to the cart, you’re still able to track customer movements across your site. This means you can start new messaging based on what a particular visitor viewed while on your site. As with abandoned products, it’s a great way to continue what the customer already started and shows that your communications are based on their interests, not yours.

We’re going to finish with one of our biggest updates of all, our new Dashboard feature! It displays all the metrics you need to know to get the latest, up-to-date insights about how your sales and marketing efforts are performing. Now you can get an accurate snapshot of the latest developments at a glance, evaluate the effectiveness of your latest campaign, track customer actions and more, all in one simple interface.

edrone’s new Dashboard is a product of our long experience gathered from working with more than a thousand online stores around the world. We combined that with in-depth interviews with current edrone users and current UX best practices to create a command center that is easy to use while comprehensively presenting everything that you need to know to get the most out of the platform.

You’ll find all the metrics that were previously available in edrone along with new ways to measure your progress, like CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and AOV (Average Order Value). We’ve also added other new and useful insights, like contact base growth for email and push newsletters, Repeat Rate and Purchase Frequency.

Now, just go to your Dashboard and use these tabs to jump to whichever metric you want to start with: Cards, Impact Rate, CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), Repeat Rate, Subscribers, Revenue from emails, Revenue from Marketing Machine, Top Automations, Top Campaigns.

So there you have it—all the new features, improvements, upgrades, redesigns and more you need to support your online campaigns, drive sales and take your ecommerce to the next level. Did we miss anything? Do you have an idea or suggestion for the next round of changes? We’re always happy to hear from you, just drop us a line at hello@edrone.me!


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