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5 Google Sheets
for e-commerce

Download 5 free spreadsheets for your e-commerce

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What will you
find inside?

  • Competitor analysis and SWOT analysis

  • Monitoring of implemented strategies and achieved goals

  • Detailed plan of daily deliverables and weekly milestones 

  • Calendar of social media publications

What will you learn with the free sheets?

How to better organize your work in order to make your e-commerce grow

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How to sort out your marketing strategy

ikona człowieka na monitorze

How to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors

view of the flipchar and arrows

What is a branding strategy and how to differentiate your online store

What 12-week planning is all about

Get your e-commerce in order right away!

We have prepared for you an e-commerce owner’s reference kit to help you manage your e-business. These useful Excel worksheets will help you put your marketing activities in order. You’ll be able to better plan your business strategy, assess your competition more astutely and find a way to stand out from the crowd!

Download 5 free worksheets
and plan effectively!

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