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Personalized product recommendations

When communicating with the customer on the Internet, content personalization is becoming increasingly important. It is important to note, however, that the strategy of treating our potential buyers as our good friends and of making them, can not always have the desired effect.


What are the benefits of personalized product recommendations?

To effectively implement the product recommendations, it is necessary to analyze the habits of users visiting certain websites. This is mainly done by tracking scrolls, clicks and mouse movements on the page. It allows a correct layout of the website of the shop so that the most important data for potential customers can be found in visible places. Based on the phrases and keywords most frequently entered by customers, we recommend products that most likely interest the buyer. Product recommendations and their type and scope are determined by the shopping cart, the purchase history, the geographic location, and the opinion of the Internet community on a particular topic. Personalized recommendations provide a real opportunity to offer customers products that really interest them. A good solution seems to be shopping cart recommendations, which are messages that are tailored to each customer and relate to products that are bought most frequently together with a particular product purchased by the customer. With Shopping Cart referrals and personalized product recommendations, you'll increase the opportunity to multiply your sales.

"Other customers also bought ..." - so how do you recommend products to the customer in e-commerce?

In online shops, the "other customers also bought" application is often used to boost sales. With their help, the customer is recommended for these products, which were bought by other users together with the goods, which is in the main interest of the customer. By displaying specific suggestions on the consumer preferences of others on the bottom of the product, the customer is introduced to the most popular products at the moment. In many cases it is an impulse for him to make larger purchases in the shop and spend more money than originally planned.

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