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Meet the companies recommended by our customers

We would like to present the best ones in e-trade - that is edrone eCommerce wizards.


Who are the partners of edrone

They are companies which provide services for eCommerce industry. The partners are strictly selected. Firstly, a partner has to actively operate at least one online shop currently using the edrone system. Then, our customer success department contacts a customer to confirm the quality of provided service. Moreover, we also contact the customers of a partner in order to gather opinions about provided services. At least four out of five companies have to assess the quality of provided services as very good. Among partner companies there are eCommerce applications’ developers, advertising agencies, performance advertising companies, but also content agencies, SEO SEM, and even translation agencies. What all of these companies have in common is their verified references and specialization in the eCommerce industry. Companies which additionally have the ‘edrone certified partner’ sign are recommended by us as specialists in adapting and handling of the edrone platform.

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