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Multi-channel marketing

Internet marketing is a powerful tool in these times. As competition is very strong in almost every industry, every business should strive to reach different groups of customers with its products. This is supported by: Multichannel marketing and omnichannel marketing.


What is a multichannel strategy?

If you want to accurately identify, stimulate and fulfill consumer needs by using multiple sales and communication channels, the multi-channel strategy is for you. Using only electronic channels to communicate with consumers shows that this is e-channel marketing. This concerns above all the so-called E-Commerce or - in other words - the trade over the InterNet.

What is the omnichannel strategy?

Some time ago a completely new model was released based on the multichannel strategy, omnichannel marketing. It is characterized by multi-channeling and adaptation to business needs. It is used in particular in administration, commerce, telecommunications and healthcare. Omnichannel marketing typically identifies itself primarily with multichannel distribution and aims to provide the customer with a consistent shopping experience, regardless of what channel of communication he has reached the seller and how he intends to complete the buy-sell transaction.

What is the difference between multichannel and omnichannel marketing strategies?

Basically, there are three basic differences between these strategies. In multichannel marketing, it should be noted that, with respect to the relationship between channels and customers, this strategy is geared to rapidly reaching potential customers through a variety of well-functioning communication channels. Omnichannel has a holistic approach that seeks to leverage all channels simultaneously through integration to strengthen customer-business relationships. In addition, Multichannel creates individual strategies for each communication channel and omnichannel uses these technologies for all communication channels. Omnichannel marketing also places greater emphasis on content optimization.

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