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E-mail Marketing Automation

Nowadays, marketing is becoming increasingly automated. Many of these actions are performed using a variety of tools and software that can significantly speed up the sales process.

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What is marketing automation?

Automating marketing efforts will increase the effectiveness of Internet campaigns. This is mainly thanks to the data acquisition and data processing systems that address different, potential customers. For this reason, you do not have to insert or analyze the aforementioned information manually. The software is responsible for identifying certain customers. This is based on criteria of various kinds (e.g., it monitors the age, sex, place of residence of the customer, etc.). Thus, the marketing message addressed to such a customer is personalized.

The system of e-mail marketing automation for various platforms

The e-mail marketing systems are used for various platforms. One of the most common is the relatively recently launched Platform Marketing Automation Magento, which is being released as open source. With e-mail marketing automation you can carry out any personalization measures and adapt the resulting shop to your individual needs. Also take advantage of the services of e-mail marketing automation Magento 2. The marketing automation Prestashop and marketing automation Presta are also an absolute leader in this field. If you want to monitor the behavior of customers in real time, use the marketing automation iai. Whereby the use of traditional marketing tools is also possible thanks to such e-commerce email marketing tools as shopify marketing automation, shop automation, automate marketing automation and automation.

Integration of marketing automation via a plugin

E-mail marketing for an e-shop is very easy to integrate thanks to the use of appropriate plug-ins. The Marketing Automation plug-in allows you to automatically add monitoring scripts to contacts and integrate registration and signup forms. It is a valuable addition to marketing automation.

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