Customer intelligence

Learn more about the customers. edrone eCRM will help you get to know your store visitors and customers to increase sales.

edrone will identify store visitors when:

  • - they log into your store
  • - they open your newsletter emails
  • - they access your store on multiple devices
  • - they have previously visited your store
  • - they are viewing products without being logged in
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Your Customers Products

Edrone saves all the products and images, and personalizes the messages by placing matched products in the messages to your customers.

  • Each of the available scenarios has its own drag and drop editor. In the message you can select the place in which the dynamic content will appear, e.g. photos of the products. edrone will send a different image to each customer, personalizing the content.


CRM and automatic segmentation

Learn more about your customers thanks to the system dynamically assigning them to the appropriate segments.

  • You can search for each customer individually or check the segment volume and create messages best tailored to the wallet size of your customers or the frequency of purchases.

CRM and automatic segmentation

Social CRM

Your customers are trendsetters! They gladly share information about themselves on the social media.

  • edrone combines the e-mail address with all the public information about the users available on the Internet. This will tell you which customers are the most influential and you will be able to establish special relations with them
  • - Recommendations of your products
  • - Affiliation programs
  • - Special offers and discounts for the most influential customers

marketing automation - social crm


Multi-channel marketing. Use recommendations and machine learning in all channels thanks to API.

  • Email is the main channel of communication in edrone. After you master it, you can start using Pop-ups and push notifications. Thanks to API you will integrate any channel of communication such as SMS, data from stationary stores and much more, with your CRM.

Recover abandoned shopping carts

Restore abandoned shopping carts. You can set multiple messages that will be automatically sent to customers, reminding them about the products that they added to their shopping cart. Each customer will receive a different message, even though you will set a selected scenario just once.

Restoring abandoned shopping carts includes:

  • - Dynamically substituted products
  • - Immediate fast operation No additional settings, no XML files, no product feeds, etc.
  • - It works without the involvement of software developers
edrone crm newsletter

Loyalty program

You can create your own loyalty programs.

  • Some time after a purchase we will inform the customer about a voucher that they will receive if they make additional purchases. When the total amount of your customer's purchases reaches the value set by you, we will automatically send a thank you message along with the voucher.

The advantages of the loyalty program include:

  • - Dynamically substituted product photos and names
  • - It does not require the involvement of software developers
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Personalized newsletter

The basic tool for an eCommerce manager is the newsletter. Switch from tools for sending emailing campaigns to personalized newsletters in edrone

  • - drag and drop editor
  • - content personalization
  • - dynamic product images
  • - A / B tests
  • - reports showing sales results
presonalized newsletter


If a product is not available in your store at a given time, the customer can sign up to a waiting list by clicking on one button. When the product appears in your store, we will inform the customer that the product is available.

This scenario is a perfect solution if:

  • - there is a shortage of a given product size or capacity.
  • - You inform the customers about a product launch. For example, an anticipated smartphone model, the premiere of a book or a video game, etc.
edrone crm wishlist

A/B tests

A/B tests are not for everyone, but we know that there are people who know how to use them. Before sending the message, you can check the effectiveness of different creations. Then you will be able to decide, or you will let the system decide on the selection of the more effective creation.

  • - Automatic A/B tests
  • - The scoring of the winning creation is based not only on the openings and clicks but also on the number of transactions, revenues from the campaign and even the number of unsubscribed users.

edrone crm a/b tests

Personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations are based on customer behavior. For example, if you viewed product X, you will receive a recommendation to purchase products that other users most frequently viewed or bought along with product X. The recommendation system is based on viewed products, purchased products and products added to the shopping cart.

Behavioral recommendations involve the transmission of such messages as:

  • - Customers also bought...
  • - You viewed products... You may also be interested in…
  • - The purchased product best matches…
  • - See products selected specifically for you

  • Product photos, descriptions and links will be automatically added to every message and will be sent at the best time.

edrone crm - Personalized recommendations

Cross-Selling and up-Selling

After-sales recommendations are messages in which each customer receives proposals of products complementing the offer.

  • For example, if a customer purchases a smartphone, then we will likely recommend the purchase of appropriate accessories matching that model. Cross-Selling allows for sending the offer to the people who were interested in or who have purchased products from a selected category.
edrone crm - up-Selling

Exit PopUp and onsite marketing

CRM stores information about the behavior and shopping preferences of all the visitors, including those who are anonymous. We have introduced two most effective methods of converting visitors into eStore customers.

  • The first one is the Exit Popup. Thanks to this tool, when your customer decides to leave the site, you can display a message encouraging them to stay. This may be a message containing products that will be the most interesting to your customer, along with an encouragement to sign up for a newsletter in return for a discount on the purchase of the recommended products.

  • The second one is the Welcome Popup. This is a window encouraging the customer to sign up for the newsletter. This message is only displayed for the people who have not signed up for a newsletter. The Welcome Popup should contain engaging content and a promise of reward in exchange for signing up for the newsletter. Even if the customer decides to unsubscribe in the future, we will still be able to keep in touch with them using transactional messages, such as a notification that the products which they added to their shopping cart will soon cease to be reserved for them

Push notifications / Browser notifications

Your customers can receive push notifications without sharing their email address. The notifications will be displayed for the customers on the mobile device and on the PC, even if the browser is closed.

  • Notifications inform customers about the availability of products, objects abandoned in a shopping cart or about special offers.

Product analysis and online merchandising.

Products at first sight. Find out which products in your store are the most valuable.

  • A given product may be viewed very frequently, but the customers rarely decide to buy it. A different product may sell very well, even though it is viewed by few people, because it is not prominently displayed in your store. edrone will help you discover which products deserve better exposure in the store. Thanks to product analysis you will improve the online merchandising of your store.

edrone crm - online merchandising

Machine learning & deep learning

The system learns what products may interest your user on the basis of customer behavior. Behavioral recommendations is the matching of the offer based on the behavior of other customers and the user's purchase history.

  • Machine learning isn't limited to product recommendations. The system will also tell you when is the best time to send messages to your customers and how to segment them on the basis of data from your store.
edrone crm machine learning