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Exit popup

If you run your own shop, you've probably wondered many times how to increase your online sales. Of course, it would be a good idea to get into regular contact with potential customers through various communication channels. But what should we do if we can not stop users on a particular page? You then have to resort to Exit Popup.


How does Exit Popup work?

An exit popup is usually a special window that is displayed when one Internet user wants to leave the website, to turn on another, or to completely close the web browser. The window already pops up when the mouse pointer is placed outside the respective web page. Popup can also be defined as a window with a specific content in the web browser. These types of tools are created either in the HTML editors or in the drag-and-drop wizards. You need to pick the right template and pay attention to what color the page background has and how wide it is. Then set the various options and settings, for example, height and width of the window in pixels, distances from the edge, URLs, etc. Popup is mainly used to get the user's email address, so you get in touch with remains the person who can become our customer. In the exit popup, you must, in particular, display the most important information for the customer, for example about discounts, promotions, free deliveries, etc.

The Benefits of Using Exit Popup in Ecommerce

The use of Exit Popup is a unique idea that leads to increased sales in the e-shop. With their help you have the opportunity to systematically send your commercial offers to the e-mail address of potential customers. In a sense, it can be said that it is the marketing of e-shops because the consumers learn about the various products that the company offers as well as the advantages of buying the product from the manufacturer. These "last-chance" windows support advertising processes and often contribute to a real improvement in sales.

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