The state of eCommerce

Marcin Lewek

The challenges we’re facing should not, at any point, shadow the light of hope and calmness. At edrone, we strongly believe that the existence and the work of eCommerces throughout the world are proving to be a safe haven for our most valuable asset: health.

Shopping online goes beyond comfort; it is now more important than ever before in e-commerce history a way to guarantee that:

  1. the COVID-19 reduces it’s spreading speed;
  2. the people in every country have access to all the necessary resources they need at home.

Therefore, in an honest effort to contribute to our ecosystem, we have gathered some relevant data that dynamically shows how our e-commerce industry is positively impacting the lives of millions of people in this moment of uncertainty and fear.

These data that you now have access to reflect the early stages of our current situation in dealing with the threats and consequences of the COVID-19. The more we collect and process new data, the better will be any analysis that is drawn from them. Stay tuned.

Marcin Lewek

Digital marketer and copywriter experienced and specialized in AI, design, and digital marketing itself. Science, and holistic approach enthusiast, after-hours musician, and sometimes actor.

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