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To make our website even better, we need to collect other kinds of information about you in addition to your personal data. Cookies give us statistical data about user traffic and the usage of various pages of the website. You can turn off the option to accept cookies in your browser at any time, although it may make using the website more difficult.

In case you have any questions or doubts, you can contact us at <a href=””></a>. We will answer all your questions!

We do not use cookies to collect personalised information about you, nor do we gather or keep this data. Cookies are used to show you personalised content.

To use the website to its full extent, third party cookies of the edrone website need to be created on the User’s website. This solution is provided along with the proper integration of the Website with the online store.

How to turn off Cookies

Cookies are saved in the cache of your browser. This means you can decide whether website publishers will know what parts of the website you use. Cookies enable publishers to show you the most interesting content based on your previous actions. In order to show personalised content as a first-time user will see, first you have to clear cookies information in your browser—Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.—on your PC or phone. Information collected through cookies may be used to gather information for commercial purposes and may be used by advertisers, such us Google AdChoices, to adjust displayed advertisements.

How to turn off cookies in specific browsers

You can turn off cookies for any particular website or for all connections from your browser altogether.

  1. In Mozilla Firefox:
    In the Tools menu, click Options and select the Privacy tab. The browser enables you to turn off tracking altogether or to delete the cookies of specific sites.
  2. In Microsoft Internet Explorer:
    In the Tools menu, click Internet Options and then the Privacy tab. You can adjust the general level of privacy with a special slider or click the Sites button to manage the settings for individual websites.
  3. In Google Chrome
    In the menu under the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, select Tools, and then Clear browsing data. Aside from the option to clear cookies, you can also click More information to see a detailed description of privacy options.
  4. In Opera
    Click Opera in the top left corner, choose Settings, and then Clear browsing data. Aside from the option to delete already created cookies, you can also click Manage cookies to access more advanced options for individual sites.
  5. In Safari
    In the Safari menu, select Preferences and then the Privacy tab. You can find many options regarding cookies there.
  6. In phones, tablets and other mobile devices:
    Every phone model may handle this function differently. We recommend that you check the privacy settings in the documentation on the website of the manufacturer of your mobile device.

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