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Maciej Serafin

Each year we process over 30,000,000 transactions from over 1000 eCommerce stores on five continents. During Black Friday, Black Week, or (this year) Black Month, it’s number rises significantly. How much exactly? In which sectors?

The following article was initially published during the Black Friday season. However, the dashboard is being continuously updated, so feel free to use it for analysis!

Black Week just started. What does it mean? That lion’s share of your job is basically done, and the only thing to do now is to watch revenue growth? Of course, but not only in your shop – the whole industry is much more interesting.

Who provides such data? edrone, of course!

Data comes from edrone customers. To protect their sensitive data, amounts and values have been changed to reflect trends but not actual volumes.

Help us improve this dashboard!

If you want to add your data, please send an email to or contact him via LinkedIn.

If your view doesn’t display correctly, use this link!

Have a nice analysis!

Maciej Serafin

CMO & CSO at edrone. VP of eCommerce at PHU A/B/C

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