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Wishlist - a special wish list

When surfing on online store websites, customers often do not feel completely confident which product to choose. When they have time, they tend to rethink their decision and choose the best option for themselves. Sometimes it happens that the user has selected a few items that are in the area of their particular interest. In this case, he can use the option Wishlist, so a special wish list.

edrone crm wishlist

What are wishlists in online shops?

Wish lists are special tools with which the customer can assemble selected articles. So he can regularly update their availability and control any price changes for the product. If the customer decides to buy the product eventually, he transfers it to the cart. It is also possible to remove different products from the wish list with the option "delete article". Articles remain available on the user's account for as long as he wants so that he can view them at any time - just log in.

How does the wish list support e-commerce sales?

If you run your online store and think about optimizing shopping processes, you should definitely invest in a tool such as a wishlist plugin. This tool mobilizes customers to engage in the operation of the website through regular visits. Consumers, after a certain amount of time, are in the habit of logging onto their account frequently, and they plan their purchases on a particular portal in a longer-term perspective. Wish lists make the customer feel obligated to buy a particular product, for example, if he realizes after a few weeks that he still needs the item. They optimize the sales because the customer gets the opportunity to store the products that are of interest to him in a suitable form. As a result, he does not have to search the catalogs of certain goods each time. So, if you're wondering how to increase online store sales, you need to know that the Wishlist plugin can be very useful to you.

Wishlist - examples of edrone

The edrone wish list may contain products such as newsletters, product recommendations, upselling, tagging or the salvage of abandoned shopping carts. These products and services will stay there as long as the customer wishes.

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