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Sky-Shop is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Poland. It's a SaaS model system that allows you to run an online store, multi-channel sales (e.g. on Allegro, eBay, Empik Marketplace, Morele Marketplace, OLX), as well as dropshipping trade.

The software has been available since 2009. It was created by Przemysław Matoga - the author of phpBB by Przemo script, which was once used by over 20 thousand Internet forums. Many years of experience allowed to develop a solution that meets the needs of modern e-tailers and requirements dictated by the dynamically developing e-commerce market.

Today, you can use more than 1200 functions of the platform. And the team is working on adding more every day. Check them out during your free trial period!

What makes Sky-Shop stand out among other platforms?

Original payment gateway - Sky-Pay, which can also be used by users without registered companies.

Mobile application that allows you to manage your orders from any place.

Original, advanced supplier integration module (including dropshipping suppliers).

Unlimited technical support, numerous educational materials, and access to a closed group for Sky-Shop users.

Sky-Shop Ads Campaigns service, including the launch and complete management of Google Ads campaigns.

Awards and certificates

Podium winner in the "Ekomersy" competition in the category for the best e-commerce platform in Poland.

Consumer's award in the category "Software and dedicated online stores".

Ceneo Quality Certificate.

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