Abandoned shopping cart recovery

Recover abandoned shopping carts

One of the most important options in online shops are the so-called shopping carts. Customers fill them with selected goods, as do supermarket cars. Sometimes it is a single item that a particular person needs right now, and sometimes there are multiple items in the cart. Even adding a product to the cart is not synonymous with buying. This can lead to a negative phenomenon from the vendor's point of view, i. to cart cancellation.

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What are abandoned shopping carts?

An abandoned shopping carts are those shopping carts that were filled with products by a user, but the transaction "buy-sell" was ultimately not completed. In other words, the order was not executed. This phenomenon occurs mainly in online shops, as it usually does not happen in traditional supermarkets. The statistics on this phenomenon show that only every third customer of an online shop who has already filled his shopping cart decides to complete the transaction. The others leave the shopping carts in the shop. One can ask oneself - why does that actually happen?

How do abandoned baskets emerge in e-commerce?

You can not really answer this question clearly. The reasons for a withdrawal from the purchase can be different. It turns out that this decision is usually made because of the high delivery costs or because of the long and complex ordering process. One must also note that not every customer has an online account with which he can pay the transaction immediately. Sometimes it's because of websites that load too long and often hang up, which discourages customers from doing so. Some customers also fear to disclose their personal information because they believe that they may be used for purposes other than shopping. With all these factors in mind, it is important to consider how to restore customers' abandoned shopping carts.

How do you rescue abandoned shopping carts?

The salvation of abandoned shopping carts is possible, but the shop owners have to work for it. One has to keep in mind that customers generally do not want to wait. Therefore, it would be advisable to promote the operation of the shop website and to minimize the amount of information customers need to fill out on the transaction form. If the delivery costs are too high, you should consider changing the delivery service. Customers also need to be sincerely informed about the real delivery costs.

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