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Loyalty program

It is said that "the customer is king". The future of the company and its market position depend primarily on the ability to effectively attract and retain consumers. Without customers - especially those who are willing to buy products from a certain brand every now and then and to use certain services - no company can survive on the market. As a result, loyalty programs created for the most loyal customers are becoming increasingly popular today.

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Why is it recommended to have loyalty programs in e-commerce?

Loyalty programs are usually understood as targeted marketing measures aimed at establishing links with key corporate clients and maintaining friendly relations. Loyalty programs are a great way to increase the sales of a particular product or service, while advertising and promotion costs are relatively lower than traditional marketing campaigns. Loyalty systems can come in different forms. The most popular of these is to reward the issue of larger sums of money for purchases with special points, which will later be exchanged for prizes in the appropriate number. A consumer who feels valued in their buying decisions will be more likely to shop in the store. This also applies to e-commerce sales.

Creating loyalty systems in edrone

The aim of edrone's loyalty program is primarily to provide customers with maximum satisfaction with the quality of services provided. For regular customers also a special discount program and actions for individual products and services were prepared. The loyalty program of edrone is based mainly on the points collection and so-called loyalty cards. Also noteworthy is a convenient feature that allows quick and efficient analysis of the data credited to the card. Loyalty programs can be modified depending on the situation.

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