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Profit Marketing is a company launched in 2013, so it is relatively young in an online marketing industry. Our mission from the very beginning was focusing on small and medium businesses to help them in an online marketing, especially on-page and off-page SEO. We are a group of ambitious people who want to improve constantly. We hire specialists with rich experience that look for their place in the SEO industry. Professional approach to every client is what matters to us. We are familiar with the needs of minor businesses and we know how to get highly expected results in SEO.


We ensure complex marketing-related services including:

SEO operations

We offer the services of specialists who are highly specialized in website SEO. Their job is to improve the position of a client’s website in search results.

Content marketing operations

We ensure high quality marketing content created by highly trained copywriters, editors and copyreaders.

Project operations

Our team of graphic designers, webdevelopers and UX specialists guarantee improved websites and online stores designs which are not only esthetic but also user-friendly.

Google Ads operations

Contact details

Profit Marketing
ul. Święty Marcin 29/8
61-806 Poznań

T: +48 885 020 306