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Personalized newsletters and transaction news

Every day various types of information circulate on the Internet. They can be found on virtually every website, some of which are sent to e-mail in the form of a special electronic newsletter. These are so-called newsletters, which are currently enjoying great popularity, but unfortunately many are characterized by repeatability and predictability, which does not help to remember them.

spersonalizowany newsletter

How to create a newsletter subscription with edrone?

In general, edrone recommends that you sign up for newsletters based on a special drag-and-drop feature that lets you freely add and move various content, whether it's text or images. The operation of the function is intuitive, individual elements can be set arbitrarily, which characterizes the appearance of such a unique and original designed newsletter. You can also use the editor.html. In this case, signing up for the newsletter is more time consuming. Creating an effective newsletter requires prior knowledge of potential consumers, their daily habits, and their lifestyle. Personalizing the newsletter is also very important in this regard, as well as highlighting the newsletter, for example, with a memorable title or useful information about a particular industry. Newsletters should have a proper layout, be transparent and readable, not only on the computer, but also on smartphones and tablets. From the customer's point of view, you must pay attention to the shortness of the content and its attractiveness. The marketing effectiveness of newsletters is measured using tools such as newsletter tests. As a rule, attention is paid to topics, content, time of day and day of the week, etc.

Why is it worthwhile to personalize the newsletter?

The personalization of the newsletter is advantageous for the effectiveness of this form of communication with the customer. There is a high probability that the customer, who sees his name in the header of the message, decides to continue reading it. E-mails addressed to a mass audience are usually not that effective.

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How do you create an attractive newsletter? From A to Z

What are transactional messages?

A special form of the newsletter are so-called transactional news. These are automatic e-mail messages that are sent to only one user and contain valuable content. As a prime example of these messages, consider, for example, information about shipping the purchased item or the reservation confirmation of a place in the hotel.

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