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Intelligent personalization of the offer in your store


Each click in your store builds the customer's profile. Segment of one is the most detailed type of segmentation, meaning that we will build as many profiles and matching offers as many customers you have.


Your store is changing along with the visiting customers. With each visit and even page reloading, your offer will be better matched to the visitor.


The most advanced recommendation block. We can recommend products matched to the visitor's behavior on the home page, and we can recommend related products on the shopping cart page.

More than a recommendation frame

The new edrone module will personalize your store's home page so that every visitor receives an offer based on their personal preferences and expectations. Based on customer behavior, we create recommendations of the best matched products. If a customer visits the store for the first time, we will build an offer in such a way that each click on a product on the site builds a unique customer segment. Thanks to "segment of one" your website will have as many versions as many clients and visitors you have.


Plug and play machine learning

Be like Zalando and Amazon

How does it work?

Amazon, and later Zalando, based their success on Machine Learning algorithms, i.e. the best matched offer, which is prepared "on the fly" on the basis of all the knowledge gathered about the customer. edrone Marketing Machine uses the interactive frame that you place on your website to find out what products is your prospective or returning customer looking for (which will affect the purchase decision), and even what is the customer's sex or the size of their wallet.

Automatic customer profiling.

During the first visit, in a special frame we will display the products purchased in your store most frequently by women and those purchased most frequently by men. A click on the product will assign the customer to the appropriate group. The customer information will be updated in the future if the customer shows interest in products indicating the other sex.

Favorite products

During the next visit or after the page is reloaded we will display the most popular products from the individual categories or brands. Any selection made on this level will allow us to determine what your customer is interested in or what are their favorite brands.

Segment of one

In the next step your customer will see several products that will be recommended specifically for them.

We will find out who your customer is and what are their expectations.

We will display a personalized offer on your home page. The recommendations will be matched on an ongoing basis (along with the subsequent purchases of your customer and on the basis of the decisions of other customers).


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