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Our passion is work and our work is passion! This is a brief summary of Majak-IT's activity, which since 2010 has been constantly broadening its horizons and discovering new opportunities for its clients. As a result, each customer is treated individually and all orders are executed reliably and on time. Mayak-IT is a perfect combination of passion and professionalism. We treat each new order so that we give a minimum of 100%, which translates into customer satisfaction. When we join a new project, we try to build lasting relationships so that the development of the strategy and its subsequent implementation runs smoothly and leads to the desired success. Our extensive experience, our continuous learning across many industries and the constant development guarantee that the cooperation with Majak-IT is not only beneficial, but also pleasant. With us you can save your time - most of them can be done in one place!


Creation of B2B internet shops

Creation of B2C internet shops

Creation of web pages

E-commerce audits

Optimization and positioning


Audit and administration

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Wschodnia 54/1
Pabianice 95-200

tel: +48 509 419 272