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E-commerce Machine learning

Artificial intelligence has recently dominated the world, as evidenced by the constant creation of new branches of this scientific discipline. This includes, for example, machine learning, also known as self-learning of machines or simply learning systems. In the field of e-commerce, you may be wondering if it is possible to use this tool to improve sales and how to do it.

edrone crm machine learning

How does machine learning work?

The main goal of machine learning is to develop a special system that, based on the data collected, is capable of automatically improving and thereby expanding the available knowledge resources. Machine learning is mainly used to analyze and apply databases, as well as to handle more complex problems. In principle, these systems should also automatically adapt to the current environmental conditions. For the development of machine learning different methods are used. The most common example is learning from examples and rules that integrate inductive and analytical thinking. The development of machine learning is also supported by the use of decision trees as well as by inference based on examples of logical function values.

The advantages of machine learning in e-commerce

In recent years, machine learning has become increasingly popular in e-commerce. The so-called "programmatic marketing" plays a particularly important role. Modern technology gives you access to detailed information about Internet users who are interested in specific products or services of the companies. Programmatic marketing enables the right planning of image campaigns because it creates the right image of the company in the minds of potential consumers. It should also be remembered that this system sets automatic rates for certain marketing resources that are shown to a customer under certain circumstances.

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