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M40 is an interactive agency with valuable experience and current knowledge of SEO and other areas of online marketing. We offer a very wide range of services related to this industry, thanks to which our activities are comprehensive and always tailored to the a specific customer’s needs. We can deal with the optimization of the website's code and its positioning in the search engine, using carefully matched phrases as well as refresh the content and graphic design on your site, deal with e-marketing activities and support new entrepreneurs, while they are taking their first steps in business. Our activities are appreciated not only by our clients, but also in various competitions organized by business groups and the City Council of Poznań.


The M40 offer includes, inter alia, services such as:

Positioning of stores and websites

Our company employs qualified SEO specialists who are perfectly familiar with the positioning of www domains and online stores. We provide effective actions tailored to your website.

Content marketing

We carry out transparent projects, custom-made to the visual expectations of the client and implement them, bearing in mind any optimization for SEO. Thanks to this, the websites we create are not only aesthetic, but also efficient in technical matters.

Landing Page

Each landing page we create is perfectly adjusted to a specific group of consumers and meets their expectations by increasing conversion level on our client's website. We are well versed in this and we always use 100% of our knowledge.

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ul.Grunwaldzka 519E/12
71-441 Szczecin

T: +48 500 501 605