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Customer trust and experience gained since 1999. Internet Plus Co. is a company which specializes in making intuitive, dynamic websites, internet shops and applications since the times of old. Within this vast axis of time, we have reached the apex of knowledge in web development and beyond that. Our marketing agency started like many others, with a group of ambitious young people sharing a joint dream of achieving success together. Standing united and working as one, we followed this direction, no matter the oncoming obstacles. All of this allowed for us to reach the current day, where we had pleasure to work successfully with unlimited amount of Customers who put their trust in us. No matter the project difficulty, we can solve all conundrums and always find a sure way to proficiently unravel the mysteries of web success before our Clients. Be it advanced graphic projects, web hosting, copywriting, tech support of the highest quality, there is no stopping us, we can do it all!


Internet Plus Co. offers a wide variety of specialized services:

WWW pages

Based on WordPress CMS, we’ll create fully responsive internet site, in regards with all of Google’s requirements. Moreover, we can also add multiple language support.

E-commerce shops

With regard to Customer needs, we will create fully functional B2B or B2C e-commerce shop, using either WooCommerce module or Prestashop 1.6 / 1.7 CMS. We also offer integration of virtual shopping basket with payment service providers and other eCRM systems.

Graphic projects and creation of brand image

We will design page layout, advertisement banners and other elements of visual internet representation.

Mobile applications for iOS and Android

We create not only independent apps that work without the internet connection but also client apps that connect to the server and internet apps — fitting small page resolutions.

Domains, installation and hosting

We register and take care of domains for numerous countries worldwide, buying them ALWAYS on our Customer data. We also offer handling domains, WWW apps and email services on our servers, with full security guarantee of storing and exchanging data.

SSL Certificate

To fulfil all web security requirements, we offer the purchase of SSL certificate.

Optimization and positioning

Engaging in project our programmer, graphic designer and copywriter, not only will we create a www page but also include the highest standard of its optimization and positioning, true to SEO rules and SEM campaigns.


We will design leaflets, posters, business cards and other elements representing our Customers.

Logo creation

We will create beautiful logos, fulfilling all standards, that will not only be easily recognizable but also very memorable for a long time.

Video advertisement

The success in the range of lenses! Being aware of how impactful is the video presentation, we also include them in our services.

Virtual travels

Service which allows going one step farther than simple 2D photos. The panorama made in form of unique presentation, being made from few spherical panoramas, allowing viewing the image in full 360° range, which can later include additional photos, sounds, information and films.


With the usage of ISSUU CMS, we will create virtual catalogue which can later be used to add and display various types of folders and documents.

Advising and tutoring

In the wide range of our services, we offer internet advising and tutoring in the usage of www sites and applications.

Social media

We will make social media accounts, configure them and link to internet page, so our Customers will be able to reach out to wider group of potential recipients.

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Internet Plus Co.
Al. Armii Krajowej 1/3 lok.2
42-202 Czestochowa, Poland

Phone: 34 366-88-22, or 34 361-09-34
Mobile: 0 605 88 36 99, or 0 501 10 13 10 (marketing)
Fax: 34 367-12-55
Email: biuro@iplus.com.pl, or marketing@iplus.com.pl