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Our goal is to offer entrepreneurs e-commerce solutions at the highest level. We focus primarily on the development of innovative online shops that support the operation of businesses on the Internet. GOshop is a modern platform of an online shop. Our application is a professional sales system that offers a wide range of possibilities while being easy to use.


Easy and pleasant shopping

The ergonomics and readability of the online shop go hand in hand with an interesting design. That's why all of our online stores are designed by professional graphic designers depending on the vision and the customer's ideas (without additional costs).

Search engine optimization of your shop

By using effective SEO optimization tools, customers will be able to find the right shop offer. The tools rate the proposed offer high in the results of popular search engines (e.g., Google, Bing).

Comprehensive and pleasant administration

Running an online store means a lot of work every day. We know that and that's why we've focused on creating a functional tool for shop administrators that makes their daily work easier. A well-organized administration panel is a powerful and advanced tool that helps with administrative work.

Sale outside the online store

On popular price comparison portals, e-malls and auction services (e.g., Ceneo, Skąpiec, Nokaut, Allegro, etc.) and online payment via various forms (credit cards, express transfers, etc.).

Individual approach and support, changes on request

Our customers can count on us. We provide secure service and free technical advice on the software. In addition, we are open to orders that require customization of the software according to the needs of the customer.

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Main clients

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