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{{ Extensa Web Development Ltd is a company that develops for its clients modern and intuitive websites and applications. These products present each client as an innovative thinker following the latest business development trends. Furthermore, our products help our clients establish themselves as serious and noteworthy competitors in their specific sector of operation. }}


{{ Web sites }}

{{ Brainstorming, planning and development of corporate, presentation and multimedia websites }}

{{ Web systems }}

{{ Brainstorming, planning and development of dynamic and multifunctional websites and web-based applications and business systems }}

Web design

{{ The vision of your website is the first aspect that grabs the attention of visitors. }}

{{ Modules }}

{{ for Magento, Opencart, Prestashop }}

Awards and Certificates

Zend Certified

{{ Zend Certified PHP developers }}

Magento Certified

{{ Magento Certified Front end developer }}

Magento Certified

{{ Magento Certified Developer }}

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Extensa Web Development Ltd
bul. Al. Malinov 91A, floor 2, office 201
SOFIA 1715, Mladost 4

T: +359 2 944 9666