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At Enterso, we focus on professionalism. For us, each customer is the most important one and that's why we make every effort to meet his expectations and needs. Our offer includes comprehensive services that contribute to improve the position of websites in the search engine. We know where to start and- basing on the analyzes- we prepare a well-designed action plan that we always follow. The only exception are situations related to changes in algorithms. If it comes to them, we strive to adapt the planned activities to the current standards and requirements. Our professional approach and fastness make Enterso Clients reach higher and higher positions in organic search results.


The Enterso company offers services such as:

Website and online store positioning

Positioning is our specialty. We are a company that offers SEO and SEM activities customized to the needs of each client separately. We always bear in mind their position in organic search results, the industry and its competitiveness as well as many other factors to match the action plan to the situation.

Google Ads campaigns

We care about a very overall approach to Internet marketing activities. Therefore, apart from helping to improve visibility in organic results, we also offer support in creating paid Google Ads campaigns.

Creating websites

Aesthetic and visually attractive website is a very important element of all SEO activities. That's why our offer includes, inter alia, professional design and development of websites and online stores.

Contact details

Enterso Sp. z o. o.
ul. Cyfrowa 6
71-441 Szczecin

T: +48 500 501 605