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Customer Intelligence - Customer Relationship and Customer Contact Management

If you carefully analyze the collected data about visitors to your website, you will understand their behavior better. This promotes the proper planning of contacts with potential customers, if the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is used for this purpose. This system is called Customer Intelligence.

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How can one win customers and maintain relationships with them in e-commerce?

Customer Intelligence is a special customer relationship management system. With it, you can plan your customer relationships properly, focus on personalized communication and offer customers the products that are really needed right now. Customer Intelligence - the customer management program - also creates the opportunity to model the most optimal contact with customers. Personalizing the message means it reaches the target audience, increasing the chance to sell a particular product.

edrone - modern CRM for customer relationship management

Do everything possible to get to know your potential customers well. edrone CRM, which identifies the users of your shop, will assist you. With us, customer relationship management becomes much easier.

Edrone will identify the business visitors if:

  • log into your store
  • open your newsletter emails
  • they access your store on multiple devices
  • have previously visited your store
  • are viewing products without being logged in
  • How does customer contact management work in edrone.me?

    edrone associates a user's email address with the entire history of their previous behavior on the web page as soon as the user opens any message on their email. If the user returns as not logged in, the system will detect it and continue to analyze its behavior. Very simple, right? Yes. And very effective.

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