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Cross and up selling campaigns

Nowadays, high quality products and services can position the company very well in the market. However, it should be noted that the currently mentioned factors may not be sufficient. In many cases it is necessary to apply a special sales strategy. Among these are mainly cross-selling and up-selling.

edrone crm - Cross-Selling

Cross-selling, or complementary sales

The term cross-selling usually refers to a specific strategy whose essence is to add certain additions to the standard products or services, for example in the form of small products or services that are executed in a certain way. Such additional products and services are considered complementary solutions. The rule of this strategy of increasing sales is aimed primarily at ensuring that the customer takes into account the purchase of additional items after the basic purchase. Cross-selling campaigns pose no risk. Even if the customer ultimately does not buy any other products, the completed basic transaction still remains. In principle, you can only win on cross-selling, thanks to which there is a high probability of increasing sales. Cross-selling campaigns are therefore a solution that is recommended to every seller.

What are the benefits of an up-selling campaign?

The purpose of the up-selling campaign is to increase the value of the product or service offered to consumers. Their use is particularly beneficial if an order has already been placed for a particular product or service, but the purchase is not yet complete. Under these circumstances, the customer is offered a better quality product, usually followed by a higher price. If the customer decides to choose the more expensive option, the transaction will prove more advantageous to the seller, as he can then expect a higher profit. Unfortunately, the up-selling campaign may fail in some situations. This happens when the customer thinks that a more expensive product or a more expensive service is not necessary for him and withdraws from the purchase.

Examples of cross-selling and up-selling campaigns

Cross-selling campaigns are realized when an additional product is added to the base product. When buying a laptop, you can, for example, To offer the consumer a mouse and a carrying bag. Upselling, in turn, occurs when a customer who wants to buy a cheaper mobile phone is offered a purchase of a newer model that is equipped with various modern features.

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